Ealing Half Marathon 2017

Updated Saturday 1st July 2017


If you are running it...

Sunday 2nd July sees the start of the 12 week countdown to the Ealing Half Marathon 2017 which is again supported by the Ealing Eagles.

For all those running it we have a whole host of bits and bobs to get you firstly to the start line and then onwards to the finish line (hopefully with a smile on your face!). There is a Facebook group for all things EHM. Find other people to train with, have some friendly/competitive banter and have a look at the training plans which this year make full use of all the training sessions that we offer including Track with Mara, club runs, Richard's intervals and the now famous EHM hill sessions.

These are also available here:

If you are a first timer, take a look at our Beginner's plan

If you've run EHM before or it's not your first half in general, give the Intermediate plan a go. 

As well as all that EHM this year are being supported by Fullers pubs and as well as launching a new beer especially for the occasion (the aptly named Ealing Half!) they are also supporting three recce runs around the EHM course. These will be open to the public and start and finish at Fullers pubs on the course so you can meet and run with others as well as leave your bags there. We are supporting this by providing pace runners to guide people around the course. If you are keen to help out then we will be seeking volunteers for this soon. 

Finally, we will be having an EHM special coaches corner on Wednesday 12th July at 7:30 to answer any questions you have about your training! Venue TBC!


If you want to volunteer...

The EHM team have been contacted already by lots of people asking if they can help with Ealing Half Marathon in advance.

To make this easier, they've created a Google doc for people to register their interest in their preferred role and see what's involved in preparation. There are various roles available from simple tasks - such as sitting in Lammas Park minding equipment - to co-ordinating teams.

You can find the Google sheet here

Please assign your name to any role you would like to offer help with and the EHM team will be in contact.

For any questions on volunteering or if there is a role you did last year which isn't listed (apart from anything in the park on race weekend), please e-mail to let them team know at info@ealinghalfmarathon.com.