Ealing Half Marathon - Why I'm running for the Nathan Kirwan Trust

 At the start of 2013, the Kirwan family were as jolly as ever.  I always thought of them as traditionally jolly in an Irish way.  Only jollier.  The sort of family I hadn't come across too often growing up in south-east London.

Fast forward 6 months and they are still coming to terms with a series of events that have left them devastated and quite rightfully wondering - why us?  Nathan, the younger brother of Aisling and Darren and son to Gerry and Ann, currently resides at the National Spinal Rehabilitation Centre in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin having suffered a C4 spinal cord injury, resulting in paralysis after an accident in early June.  

This was painfully bookmarked by Gerry first being diagnosed with cancer, then suffering a cardiac arrest which left him in a coma.  Thankfully, his heart is now ticking along nicely and he's fighting the cancer in the most admirable of fashions.
Nathan is a 24 year old recent graduate of Marine Engineering.  He's also a sailor, a diver, a boat builder and was a matter of months from going to sea on a cruise liner around the world, working as an engineer.  Unfortunately, this is all on hold whilst he goes through the long and testing rehabilitation process.  He's been told he won't walk again.... but the internal response is a defiant "We'll see about that...".

The Ealing half marathon is just one of many ways in which we hope to raise funds for the Nathan Kirwan Trust over the coming weeks, months and years.  No matter what level of recovery Nathan is able to achieve, we need to make sure he is never left wanting.

The charity is only a week old and we're currently waiting to raise our first cent, euro, penny and pound.  I hope this goes some way to explaining the significant impact you could make by fund-raising for the Nathan Kirwan Trust between now and September 29th, race day.

Despite the pain and anguish the Kirwan family go through on a daily basis, the determination and devotion they show to each other is enough to inspire me to want to do all that I can.  With the help of family, friends and fund-raisers like ourselves, we can help Nathan get through this traumatic experience so that he may reach his goals and achieve his dreams.

We're hoping to have a large number of runners pounding the streets of Ealing for Nathan - and we'd love you to join us!

For further information on fund-raising and for all the details you need to get started then please do get in touch.  We're currently in the process of printing the first Nathan Kirwan Trust t-shirts which we will send out to all fund-raisers before race day.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this article - for more information you can visit 'The Nathan Kirwan Trust' Facebook page or read Nathan's recovery blog at http://nathansrecoveryblog.wordpress.com/author/nathankirwan/ .

Cheers, Andy Hollens - ollins3@hotmail.co.uk


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