Social Media Policy

The Ealing Eagles Facebook Group is an active members area where our runners can get to know one another.  It also allows newer members to get a feel for what a friendly and sociable club we are.

As well as fabulous channel for the committee to promote club events, it's a great place for members to discuss many things including:

  • Training routes, tips, advice
  • Sharing race & event plans
  • Welcoming new runners
  • Organising social drinks & parties
  • Co-ordinating transport to races
  • Promoting occasional, ad-hoc training runs where they do not conflict with a club run/event
  • Posting Eagles photos

It's not the place for:

  • Sharing your non-running holiday photos
  • Selling, Advertising or Promoting 3rd party products or services. If you feel that a product or service would be of interest to our members, ask the seller if they would like to become a club sponsor
  • Expression of political, religious or other potentially divisive opinion
  • Raising issues for the attention of the committee (who don't check every post/thread). These should be addressed to or via the Contact Form
  • Being critical, confrontational or abusive toward other participants

Also remember that it's best that relevant content is added to the website so it can be viewed by members and visitors alike. Having lots of good content on the website encourages visitors to join us and also helps bring in web traffic which ultimately earns revenue for the club.

As a general rule, before posting think if your post or comment adds to the Ealing Eagles running community and consider what a new member would think when reading your comment (perhaps without knowing the background).  Finally, do remember that sarcasm and humour is often not conveyed very well on a forum of this sort and can easily appear rude or offensive.

We also have a Twitter page and Tweeting Eagles are encouraged to follow us (@ealingeagles) and to help us spread the word about the club. However please remember that Twitter, unlike the Facebook group, is a completely public forum and we therefore need to take care about how we present the club.