Marathon Training for VLM - Blog One! think three weeks ago I had no idea I might be running VLM and now I'm gearing myself up to start training next week. Who would have thunk it?!

As most of you know I've had a year of bad health and this is going to be a massive challenge BUT it is a challenge I am totally delighted to be given a chance to complete....thank you so much EAGLES X

Just a bit of background for those who don't know me. I started running v slowly in March 2013. Up until August 2012 I had been hugely overweight and knew something needed to change. I started dieting and walking. After losing three stone I decided to start to run. By run I mean I did couch to 5k on my own down streets I thought were quiet enough to ensure no one would see me! Eventually I ventured to parkrun and from there met Nicola Miller who introduced me to the Eagles ( though it took me another few months to get the courage to go to club run) ... However from that point it was history.

To begin with I had a wonderfully smooth ride, PB after PB and I was loving it. The last two years unfortunately have been a mixed bag for me which included four operations and I got whooping cough. My times are hugely slower than they were but I'm back! 2017 is going to be my year and even though my goals are very different from what they would have been if I had got a place two years ago, I am going to smash this marathon!

As well as running I'm a mum of four. Two of them join me at parkrun and all four of them ran Summer league for the Eagles this year making me a very proud mum! They are very excited that this year they will be coming up to VLM to support their mum running it!

I'm excited and I'm really nervous. It's huge but it's amazing. I have so much to do. My diet needs an overhaul and I need to build my strength right back up. I am so lucky to have Mark Yabsley agree to coach me and I know how much expertise we have in the club to call thanks in advance!

I start on the 2nd with a rest day and then it's game on!