Catherine's VLM Blog Two

Two weeks in, one eighth done and starting to feel real! 

I cannot quite believe it's two weeks in already and (touch wood) so far so good. Still feeling lucky and feeling blessed. The support I've got from everyone already is unbelievable. A big shout out in particular to Mark Yabsley and Angela Duff. Two fantastic partners in crime!  

My pre-plan started with the New Years Day Serpies 10k and I loved it. I ran with Angela and we chatted our way round. An ideal confidence booster at the beginning of the journey! 


Already I have found I'm adapting the plan to fit life (and to fit my long run in with Angela's!) I've also found that although not fantastic (which wasn't a surprise) I have not been as truly shocking at pacing as I suspected I would be! Ok again that may well be a bit down to Angela but my lone 6 miler on Wednesday ended up with 5 of the 6 being only one second difference in pace per mile! I impressed myself! 

I love the fact that this is a totally new challenge. A big, inspiring, huge challenge but I think I needed a new goal to help get my mojo back. When you lose a lot of fitness and do a distance you've done before it's easy at times to feel despondent you are nowhere near your PB...and believe me I am nowhere near! But now I have nothing to relate to. This is new and it's awesome. In a way although it's a huge undertaking, I almost feel less pressured (she says knowing it is early days!) 

The next few weeks see me fell running (best race ever) and equalling and going past my longest ever distance (14 miles ran two years ago.) I feel really positive about it all, helped by a great planning session with Mark!

Each time I start a long run I may feel daunted but I know I've got this. 

Perseverance, a plan, support and friendship...four essential ingredients in this marathon malarkey. 

Two weeks in...still loving it!