Marathon Blog 3 - A Quarter of the Way There!

It is hard to believe that a quarter of the training plan has gone. Pleased to report I had another fab fortnight. 

One of the biggest highlights of the last two weeks was the Boxhill Fell race. This was my third time doing it. I love this race so much. It is in the most beautiful part of the country. It's challenging yet stunning and so much fun! I wasn't fast but I enjoyed it all. This is my favourite photo at the finish with Liz and my boss/friend from 'Run Mummy Run. ' 

The rest of my training has been and pretty much gone to plan. My strength is definitely increasing again, which I am delighted with. I even managed my fastest parkrun since at least August on the weekend. 

As for the rest of my news, I love track and although I always approach it nervously I finish feeling awesome! I struggle a lot with running after work and do wonder how I will cope when the midweek runs increase but I am continuing to live by my rule of one run at a time and so far so good. All runs ticked off at the pace and speed I was aiming for....that's a pretty big success in my book! 

Sunday I ran with the club. I can not say how important the support of the club is. It really does help knowing there are people around and rooting for you. Even better is when someone has arranged coffee at the end ( thanks Sophie!) I had actually been really dreading that run. It was my first 12 miler in a long while and although I found the last mile and a half hard I did it and felt good :-)

The next fortnight is a big one for me, the miles continue to increase ( particularly the midweek ones) and I get to go to the meet the experts day ( can't wait for that!) I mentioned in my first blog I had been pretty ill last year. Well in ten days I go back to my consultant and although I think everything will be ok there is always that thought of what if?  So fingers crossed that goes well and then it will be full steam ahead! 

Thanks for all of your support. Still super excited!