Penultimate Blog Time!



Wow as I wrote the title I had to stop and it really that close. In less than two weeks will I really be a marathon runner?! I really blinking hope so! 


These two weeks have flown. At this point I want to give a huge shout out to my coach Mark Yabsley. He is amazing. As you might have realised by now I am a real self doubter so he's had to put up with a lot! Yet he's talked me through every step of the way and helped me to believe that I can do this....that I will do this. He really is the most special person and I am so, so grateful he agreed to coach me. 


At Dorney last week he had to cope with my first full on race anxiety attack. I've mentioned before I get anxious, can't sleep, worry my grand plan was to book myself into a fair few races to overcome this. I think I have become more anxious on every one. I went to pieces pre race.  I took myself away from the group and texted Mark to say I was stupid to think I could ever run a marathon, I was so freaked out about what lay ahead. Immediately he called me and talked me through everything. Although I wasn't actually sure that the twenty miler was easier than labour! 

 I totally agree that the whole thing is illogical. This was my third twenty miler so why now? I can't explain it. It just terrified me. Thankfully a few of the Eagle flock were around to hold my hand until the start when I was pretty sure I knew I would be fine. Apologies in advance if I look super scared pre VLM. As soon as I start I will love it I promise...and I'm working on the pre race game! 

Dorney actually was great. I loved it despite being told by a few it was awful in the few days before the race! It was hot but there were water stations and continual visual goals. I even had a little competition with myself to see how far I could get before James Linney lapped me ( I won!) 

I was pleased with my time ( although I did go faster than I was supposed to) and dare I say it even felt I had another mile or so in me. I have included one of my favourite marathon training pictures which shows how happy we all were at finishing Dorney! 

This week has been a little stressful for me as I have been poorly and missed a few sessions. I have been so frustrated and trying not to stress out as I know I need to rest. Touch wood today I feel a little better so will attempt a five miler tomorrow. The Thames Towpath shall remain my nemesis race for one more year! 

Time to sign off my penultimate blog by wishing everyone training for London the most perfect taper. Not long now!!