Winter Club Run Route 2019

The winter club run route starts from Ealing Green heading down St Mary's Road as far the zebra crossing by The Castle / University of West London. We then cross over and head down Warwick Road.

When you reach The Grange pub at the junction with The Common, the route is the same as the old short / long routes. 

The picture below shows the long version of the route. The short version is the same until the corner of Popes Lane (were Paddy Power is), where it turns right up South Ealing Road and back to the Green. This is the same as the previous winter route.

You can see the route in detail here:

Summer Club Run Route 2019


The short summer club run route starts at Ealing Green and goes into Walpole Park at the first entrance on Mattock Lane; follow the path around to the left; emerge at the other end of the park to cross the road to go into Lammas Park; follow the path around to the left, past the croquet club and turn left to go out of the park onto Clovelly Road; turn first right into Grosvenor Road; turn left at the T-junction on Dorset Road; cross South Ealing Road at the pedestrian crossing, go through the park and turn right to go along the bridge over the railway; continue running down Olive Road and turn left at Popes Lane; run along Popes Lane and enter Gunnersbury Park at the gate at Lionel Road; turn left and run along the inside perimeter; emerge back onto Popes Lane; cross Popes Lane to go up the north circular towards Ealing Common; turn left at Elm Avenue (before the grass areas); turn right at the roundabout; turn left at The Grove (most people notice the red letter box on the corner); go along The Grove and cross St Mary’s Road to return to Ealing Green

(For those who know the summer club run route from 2018, this is the same route.)

The long summer club run route follows the short club run until the gate at Gunnersbury Park (corner of Lionel Road / Popes Lane) at which point the long run route turns right to follow the inside perimeter around the park; when the path moves away from the north circular, take the first right to go through the formal gardens and between the buildings; turn left to follow the drive to the exit, turn right along Popes Lane, and then cross Popes Lane at the traffic lights to return to the short club run route.

(For those who were members of the club before the works started in Gunnersbury Park; this is essentially the same summer long run route, we used then; the advice is that the inside perimeter of the park should still be accessible even when the festivals are taking place. Please let us know if you see anything which says that the path will be blocked.)

Please use the pelican / zebra crossings where possible and to take care by the entrance / exit to the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre Car Park at the end of The Grove. 

You can see the routes in detail here:

Short club run route

Long club run route  

Sunday Long Run Route

This is the route taken on Sunday mornings for the self-led 10 mile run. It goes through Ealing's parks and across Kew Bridge, down the river as far as Richmond Lock and then back via Syon Park and the canal before heading home through Lammas and Walpole Parks.

You can see the route here in detail:

Tuesday & Friday 10k Route

There is an ad hoc daytime run on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 10am, please look out on Facebook to see if there will be a leader for this run. The route for the run is shown below. 

10k Route

10k Route