David Carlin – VLM Blog No.2

Week 1 – 14.5 miles 🏃‍♂️

So my VLM plan started on Saturday 12th January with a XC run at Wormwood Scrubs. A trip down memory lane for me as my high school backed onto the Scrubs and so this was a school XC event for me! I use to leave the school site, sit in the flats opposite and wait for the runners to come back, then join in at the end…I’ve never liked running!!!  A sore back from a run late December hampered my XC run but enjoyable all the same.

Monday Club run, Wednesday volunteer for the beginners 0-5km programme followed by club run, Thursday hills with Mirka and 30+ Eagles! The warm up itself always knackers me, let alone running up and down West Walk.

Week 2 – 18.6 miles 🏃‍♂️

So my running routine will be the following as far as possible, Monday/Wednesday club runs, Thursday hills and a weekend run, building to two weekend runs until I hit the 20 milers. With a sore back, I am happy to run slower than I need to and also decide to visit the physio. Greg has looked after my back for many years due to my lingering slipped disc!  He says the back is ok and gives me a back massage! I leave and go to Thursday hills and take it easy as I could still feel the pressure from the massage on my lower back! 😱 I’m focusing on my running style…it’s usually orange but I’ve mixed in leggings this week as its sooooooooooooooo cold!

Week 3 – 23.1 miles

Yes I know this should be a two week blog, but I thought it was a monthly blog thing … so I’ve been chased by the committee to get this written!!

One of my shorter training runs is logged on Strava as the ‘Pineapple’ run. From Northfields to the Uxbridge Road, head to Acton and turn right at the the Red Lion and Pineapple pub, an old work haunt, all the way back to South Ealing Road and then stop at Lammas’ish. I’m always amazed that at 9:00 a.m how many people are in the Pineapple drinking. It’s very sad and reminds me that when I get depressed to steer clear of pubs! Running, as well as a fitness regime for me, also gives me hours of quiet thinking time and/or great conversation to forget about the stress I feel at work. I had Wednesday off work  and ventured out for a solo run! My back said no to 10 miles, which was probably a bad idea anyway, so I turned around at Kew Bridge for a 6 miler.

Next week will be a juggling act with a 🦅 Committee meeting, 🦅 Beginners programme, 🦅 club social and a Year 13 Parents evening👨‍👦. Fitting in my running around these events is what a running plan is all about! Running plans need to be flexible!! I look at my plan every Sunday and start to move my runs around my diary and my ‘friendly advice’ runs with my running wives Kelli and Terena. Next week I need to start running longer and at Marathon Training Pace (MTP)…Trish a text is in the post!


Wormwood Scrubs XC finish with a 20 metre sprint! Every point counts!!