Ealing Half Marathon 2019

If you are running it..

Monday 8th July sees the start of the 12 week countdown to the Ealing Half Marathon 2019 which is again supported by Ealing Eagles.

For all those running it we have a whole host of bits and bobs to get you firstly to the start line and then onwards to the finish line (hopefully with a smile on your face!). There is a Facebook group for all things EHM. Find other people to train with, have some friendly/competitive banter, and share your tips on how to train.

If you are aiming to break or return to times of around 2 hours for a half marathon (indicative times for shorter distances 5k around 25 minutes; 10k around 50 to 55 minutes) you may also want to join the Eagles Midpack facebook group which will have discussion specific to that pace

Ealing Eagles will continue to offer a range of training sessions over the EHM training period so there should be plenty of options for you to include in your own training. Because of the number of options on offer, we haven’t attempted to write training plans for all the conceivable choices of sessions that would be available. Instead, here are some thoughts on how to put together your own training plan.

Training basics

·       Rest days are as important as running days to allow your body to recover from the stress of the training days and so heal stronger to increase your fitness

·       Long run *** at conversational pace *** to build up endurance

·       Hills or intervals – the club will be offering sessions on Monday mornings and  Tuesday and Thursday evenings

·       If time, another continuous run, normally shorter than long run, at a slightly faster pace

·       Other runs and / or cross-training as appropriate

·       If you are following a training plan, always do your sessions at a pace / intensity ** so that you can do the next session ** - there is no point in running your long run so fast that you are too tired to do the other sessions in the week

·       Start slowly

·       Train consistently

Here are some suggestions for how many sessions to include each week and how to increase your mileage depending on your level of experience and your availability.

·       If you have recently progressed to running 5k, take a look at our 5k to HM recommendations

·       If you’re already running 5k regularly and have probably run 10k, you can have a look at our regular 5k to HM recommendations to start at a higher mileage

·       If you've run EHM before or it's not your first half in general (such that you might be happy to run 13miles three times in training over the 12 week period), have a look at the Intermediate recommendations

With the route for Ealing Half Marathon on our doorstep, there will be plenty of opportunities to run sections of the route before race day. Do make use of the facebook group to organise self-led runs at the pace and distance that you want to go. In addition, there will be four official recce runs offered by EHM which will be supported by Ealing Eagles providing runners who know the routes and are able to lead at different paces (for more information about the arrangements if you can help to lead or if you simply want to join in, please look at the facebook event pages or email coaching@ealingeagles.com):

·       Wed 31 July at 7pm – 4 miles on the Ealing side - facebook event page

·       Wed 7 Aug at 7pm – 5 miles around Hanwell - facebook event page

·       Wed 21 Aug at 7pm – 6miles on the Ealing side - facebook event page

·       Sun 15 Sep (meet 8.45am for 9am start) – full 13.1miles - facebook event page

Ealing Eagles is also fortunate to be able to offer a hills session with guest coach Mara on Tuesday 30 July meeting at Hanger Hill Park at 7.30pm (please consider your training options carefully for that week in view of the EHM recce on the day after). We hope to make use of Park View Road on the EHM route but the current refuse collection arrangements means that there can be a lot of wheelie bins on the pavements on Tuesday evening. A decision will be made on the day - the alternative is a hills session in Hanger Hill Park itself. If you would like to come, please join the facebook event page or email coaching@ealingeagles.com by 28 July to give us some idea of numbers.

And I know this is a silly point but, if you’re intending to put in all this hard work, please remember to enter! https://www.ealinghalfmarathon.com/

If you want to volunteer...

Opportunities to help with Ealing Half Marathon in advance do crop up in the club facebook group and we’ll update this webpage if and when requests are received.

If you want to volunteer on race weekend (which includes the mile races on the Saturday), please register on the webpage https://www.ealinghalfmarathon.com/volunteer/