A short update

This is going to be a short update. In fact, during the last two weeks I had to further reduce running, down to a nearly 0-km-a-week level. :-( The inflammation to the upper hamstring is reducing very slowly. And to make the situation worse, other nasty niggles appeared in the previously healthy parts of the right leg. It really feels like all of this resting and strength training is having the opposite effect than the intended one. But I guess it's just a matter of patience, be disciplined, and follow the plan laid down by the physiotherapist... I'm meeting with her again in a week time: we'll reassess the situation, and discuss the options to move forward. It's clear, though, that I see my chances of quickly getting back on track thinning out every day that passes.

After two years of being injury free, it is really very frustrating that this setback had to happen right in the build up for the London Marathon. Even more, because I got the place through the club, and I feel the commitment of delivering my best performance. Anyway, striving to see an upside, this is going to be a good occasion to sit down and think about the causes that led me into the current situation. Some have been already highlighted by the physiotherapist (the imbalance between my left and right leg, weak right glute, etc.), but I can foresee others, although they might all be -- somehow -- connected. Last week, I received a gift from my wife, the book "Your Best Stride", which analyses some of the common problems in the posture and gait of the amateur runner, and give suggestions and proper exercises to correct them. I have to say that I've just started reading the book, after briefly going through the various chapters to get a quick picture of the main ideas. It's some paragraphs dedicated to hip mobility that attracted my attention. Indeed, I remember an increasing stiffness in my hip in the period that led to the injury. Spending many hours sitting doing my job (researcher and software developer) I am not surprised that my hip becomes a little stiff at times. But I've never thought about the implications it could have on my running. Thinking back, I clearly remember how fluent and light was my stride at the beginning of last year, when I had no issues with the hip. And, on the other hand, that feeling of "pounding on the ground" in the second part of the year. Something happened, and I'm pretty sure that has to do with my hip. 

Looking ahead, I'm going to work hard to fix the issues with the leg and the hip. I am sure I'll come back stronger... Not sure how long it will take.