Our Mental Health Ambassador


Hello and welcome to my part of the Ealing Eagles Website, I’m Daniel VandenBurg and I am the club’s England Athletics Mental Health Ambassador.

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What does this mean?

Well it means I have a small role in the club to promote the benefits running has for people’s mental health. This involves getting people who are currently experiencing difficulties running in some form regularly but also involves getting those who already to run to think more about their mental health and well being. The role also involves getting people to talk about mental health as a topic to break down barriers and challenge stigma in society towards mental health problems.


So what will I be doing?

1: Support: I’ll be working with the committee and other leaders in the club to help promote mental wellbeing for club members. Part of this is finding out services in your area people can use to support their mental health which I am currently researching.

2: Engage: I’ll be promoting the club to mental health charities and other services in our area to try and get people who may be having tough times to consider running for their wellbeing.

3: Talk: I’ll be getting people to talk about mental health as a topic more. I gave a talk in last month’s social and will be organising a run for England Athletics #Runandtalk initiative. I’ll also try and come to club runs often and make myself known to people there in case anyone wants to talk.

4: Advocate: Through England Athletics I have access to a fair bit of material about the links between mental health and running and mental health wellbeing more generally. I’ll be sharing this guidance and information with leaders in the club, let me know if you would like to know what I can share with you

The rest of it is an open book so watch this space for the things I’ll be doing in the future.


What I won’t be doing:

My role isn’t intended to replace seeing a trained professional about your own mental health problems. While I can provide some support and links to services I am not a trained mental health professional and am not going to provide individual or emergency support for someone in crisis.

Equally I am not a trained UKA coach and so won’t be providing coaching to people but can put you in touch with people who would be more than happy to!

If you would like to talk about anything mentioned in this page or have questions for me then please get in touch by emailing wellbeing@ealingeagles.com