Eagles Soar at London Marathon

23rd April 2017

Huge flock of Ealing Eagles soar at 2017 London Marathon

A total of 49 members of local running club Ealing Eagles completed the 2017 London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April. 

In a record breaking year for the London Marathon 40,382 runners took on the course, which starts in Greenwich and covers 26.2 miles through East London and the Docklands area before heading past the Tower of London, Big Ben, and finally finishing on the Mall close to Buckingham Palace. 

The annual marathon is the biggest single fundraising event in the world. Several of the Eagles taking part this year were raising money for charity, altogether raising an incredible total of just under £39k for their various good causes.

Four Eagles had a different but equally important role on race day as official volunteers; Rachel Job, Paul Thomas, and the team behind the Ealing Half Marathon Sandra Courtney and Kelvin Walker were part of the team looking after the runners at one of the three start areas.

Many other members of the club were on hand to cheer the runners on from various points around the course and from their regular spot at the 23rd mile, providing a much needed boost for the final push to the finish. 

Chair Thom Martini commented ‘the London Marathon is a very special event and every year it demonstrates both the diverse range of runners we have and the supportive nature of the club. This year our runner’s times ranged from 2 hours and 41 minutes to just over 6 hours, and they were all cheered into the home straight by their club mates’. 

The full marathon results for the Ealing Eagles are as follows:

Easten, Tom 02:41:53
Overton, Colin 02:48:30
Kaufman, Matthew Alexander 02:54:36
Pabon, Jose Manuel 02:59:16
Dadswell, Ralph 03:06:58
Fryatt, Ewan 03:08:54
Claxton, Harry 03:11:43
Gibson, Melissah 03:18:30
Lawes, Greg - 3:21:22
Keenleyside, Piers 03:23:18
Tanner, Michelle 03:34:12
Lambert, Chris 03:34:53
Sanderson, Carole 03:36:29
Schmidt, Emily 03:36:58
Verbossche, Michelle 03:37:40
Kucharska, Malgorzata 03:39:46
Robinson, Paul 03:40:17
Mackenzie, Sarah Jane 03:42:07
Luksch, Kerstin 03:42:59
Johnson, Charlotte 03:50:19
Sexton, Bernard - 3:51:28
Goodman, Luke - 3:55:10
Vickery, Heidi 03:56:58
Gaga, Laura 03:57:22
Minhas, Pardip 03:57:30
Adams, Elizabeth 04:00:57
Burton, Yvette 04:02:28
Szczech, Bernard 04:02:50
Maryniak, Marcin 04:11:36
Lang, Paul 04:15:02
Baker, Jennifer 04:19:58
Lewis, Holly 04:20:31
O'Hare, Christina 04:26:44
Chybowski, Stefan 04:33:35
McClements, Rachel 04:34:06
Mirza, Naveed 04:38:48
Fernandes, Kim 04:42:53
Duff, Angela 04:46:31
Hart, Suzy 04:46:43
Wiggins, Pamela 04:54:15
Burton, Faye 04:59:25
Panton, Nigel 05:03:09
Cann, Laura 05:11:55
Thakker, Jesal 05:12:30
Bennett, Steph 05:18:49
Mulrenan, Catherine 05:22:45
Mizzi, Peter 5:27:20
Moran, Carol 5:45:04
Müller-Choudhury, Tasnia Taniqua 6:06:01