Kit Update

As you know we have recently moved to a new kit supplier with Piers distributing the kit to members.

We'd just like to give everyone an update on the current status and some plans for additions to the kit range.


There is currently an order being produced which will fulfill the back orders and provide us with sufficient stock to fulfill orders immeadiately going forward.

Short Sleeve T Shirts

We will shortly be taking pre-orders for short sleeved Eagles t shirts in the same styling as the new vests, white with the black side panels.

This will ensure that we order enough stock to satisfy the initial demand and provide a stock holdingto allow us to fulfill orders immeadiately going forward.

Long Sleeve T Shirts

We are planning on doing two types of long sleeves Eagles tops, one white with black side panels as per the vest and short sleeved t shirt and a hi-viz option for winter running. The hi-viz option will be in the same design as the other tops but in a bright yellow with reflective trims.

Again, we will shortly be taking orders for these styles. 

Please note that we are not planning on holding these as stock all year round so if you want one, you will need to place an order when we make them available on the kit store.

The T Shirts, both short and long sleeve, will be unisex in sizes 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44" and 46" but please note that the supplier says "Loose fit T Shirt style - downsize for closer fit"

Crop Tops

The supplier also offers lycra crop tops.  We are speaking to the supplier at the moment regarding the design, looking to mirror the vest design as much as possible.

These will be made to measure so please contact to register your interest and we'll contact you with full details when we're in position for the supplier to take orders.