Ealing Running Shop?

Ever thought what we really need is a running shop in Ealing?

We’ve been approached by a local budding entrepreneur and keen runner. They’re exploring the possibility of opening an independent running shop in Ealing.

Naturally they’re very keen to hear the thoughts and opinions of the local running community, and especially the Ealing Eagles.

They have asked us to circulate this survey which takes about 5 minutes to complete. You can complete it anonymously if you wish.

Survey: https://kwiksurveys.com/s/xMd5RyaK#/0

Your honest answers and opinions will be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Feel free to also email us at info@ealingeagles.com and we'll pass on any thoughts to the relevant people. 

London Marathon & Mile 23 Update - Runner's Info!

Now it's only three weeks til London it's officially TAPER! To get you all excited, please see the below Google sheet for the big day.

For runners, please go to the second tab and complete your information so that all those lovely people at Mile 23 know who they're looking for and how to spot you! Mr. Eagle has filled in the first one as an example ;). If you can try to slot yourself in according to time, please do.

For spectators, we've included the current tube times to get you to the closest stations to Mile 23, and all the start times and estimated times to 23 miles for the various race waves so you can decide if you're going first thing or later!



Membership Renewal Notice!


Membership renewals are now due and payment requests are being sent out over the next week. These are being done in alphabetical order so lucky you if your surname begins with A...

Please bear with us as this process is not automatic and takes some time to work through. If you have not received a request by 14th April then please contact Olivia by emailing membership@ealingagles.com but not before checking your junk folder.

If you joined after January 1st 2017 you will NOT need to pay again and will NOT receive a renewal email. If you do please contact the above email so we can rectify.

Please remember that the way the EA system works is that if you joined AT ANY TIME between April 2017 and December 2017, you will now have to re-pay your membership fee. Following this you will need to renew every April going forward, as detailed in the FAQ's section in the Eagles Nest.

Any queries or questions please contact Olivia and she will be happy to help.


Membership Fee Changes

With the start of the new membership year just around the corner, we would like to take the opportunity to let you know about some changes to the annual membership fee. 

As you know, you have worked hard to keep the fee at £25 for the past few years, despite several increases in the England Athletics portion of the fee. 

For the 2016/2017 season the total annual fee was £25. £13 of that was the England Athletics fee, which is set by them. The remaining £12 was your club fee which is set by us. 

England Athletics will be raising their portion of the fee to £14 in the new membership year. If we continued to keep the overall fee at £25 that would therefore mean the club would receive less than £1 per month per member, which is not sustainable if we want to continue with things like the Mara Yamauchi training sessions, the Eagles track nights, the club subsiding events and paying for things like coaching qualifications and the XC and Summer Leagues. 

Therefore for the 2017/2018 season we have decided that the total annual fee will be £30. With the EA fee set at £14 that means the club portion of the fee will be £16 or an increase of 33p per month. 

For comparison with other clubs, the ESM fee is £45, the West4 fee is £39 and the Serpies fee is £44 (plus a joining fee!). We therefore believe this still represents excellent value for money and that the extra £5 will hopefully not pose a problem for any of the club members - it's not even enough for a large glass of wine! 

You will receive the usual renewal emails from us in plenty of time for the start of the new season. Due to the size of the current membership we will be sending them in stages, so please do not panic if one of your running buddies has their email before you - it will more than likely be because their name is higher up the alphabet! 

Osterley Track EA Discount - Take Proof!

Osterley track have let us know that as of April 1st they're going to be clamping down on discounts and will only give a discount if people can prove they're connected to the club.

You can show them your EA card to prove membership. If you haven't got one, they will accept a copy of your membership confirmation email (your payment receipt email should be ok) or even a Power of 10 profile showing you are a member of the club, so they are making this super easy for us.

Please make sure you take something along if you want the discounted rate - Osterley are very good to us and we don't want to be messing them about! 

London Marathon Race Day Update!

Two exciting updates for you! 

Coach to the Start

Firstly, confirmation that the coach to the start has been booked! 

We will be leaving Ealing Green at 7:00 promptly, so please be there by 6:45. Runners need to get to the start on time and race traffic builds up quickly so we won't be hanging around for anyone that isn't prompt, sorry.

The coach always fills up so sign up now!!

Seats will be allocated with runners having priority over cheer squad members (even though we love you too) and it's first come first served. If you are planning to go to Mile 23, DO NOT book a seat on the coach, as it is not going there and you will be in the wrong place!

The cost will be £5 to be collected on the day, and all money goes to the club charity as the club will be covering the cost of the coach hire. Bargain!

Please sign up on the doc here:

(Phone number is a must so we can harangue you if you are late!)

Showers & Celebrations!

A reminder to all runners at VLM that there are showers available once you've got to the pub after-party.

The pub is The Wellington directly behind Waterloo Station: http://www.wellingtonhotelwaterloo.co.uk/find-us and all friends and family are welcome. There will be food provided for the runners only but the pub do a great menu for the rest of us - plus we can dive in to any leftovers but only once the runners have had their fill.

You need to let us know you want to go on the list for showers when you get to the pub as it's on a first come, first served order (the list goes down fast so no massive wait normally). The gym that lets us use them will like a donation from you for their chosen charity as a thank you so you can bring that on the day or make a donation online here: http://aidsark.org/.

The gym location is just around the corner from the pub (about 400m for all of you wondering how far you'll have to walk. Out of the pub, right and right again - Soho Gym).

Bring all you need as nothing apart from the shower is provided 🙂

TAKE NOTE - The gym closes at 6:00pm sharp so the last shower is available at 5:30pm just in case people go for massages or off to see their charities after they finish.

For the those at the front of the pack and who have never been here before - you might beat us to the pub as occasionally we have trouble getting there before you as they close Embankment station, so in case that happens please just head off to the showers. Some of you who have done it before can show the others the ropes. It's in the gym round the corner (out of the pub, right and right again - Soho Gym) and just rotate no more than 5 people at a time so we don't swamp the place.



Juniors Winter Season Achievements

As XC season comes to a close, we take a moment to hi-light and celebrate the achievements of our juniors in their first winter of competitive racing.

• Our juniors participated in two XC leagues this winter- Met League & the NW London XC League;
• 13 juniors ran over 10 league fixtures, some raced in a single fixture, some raced consistently;
• 3 juniors represented their boroughs in the London Youth Games at Parliament Hill;
• 2 juniors raced at the Southern XC Championships;
• 3 juniors raced at the Middlesex XC Championships.

By no means was it easy for our juniors to put themselves up against other well established clubs. But, at every event, they showed grit, determination and heart. We are proud of their achievements this winter and we hope you are too.

None of this, of course, is possible without our dedicated team of volunteers and we are grateful to them for their assistance with the development of our juniors. But, we need more volunteers to train as coaches (either as athletic coaches or cirfs), particularly to help train our older juniors. If you think working with young people is for you, then please be in touch with us at juniors@ealingeagles.com. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

We now look forward to our first spring/summer season of competitive track and field events....so watch this space!

Kelvin, James, Jen and Lisa



Beginner's Graduation & Next Improver's Course

10k – the next step after 5k! 

Have you completed the club beginners’ programme or are otherwise able to run 5.5k?

Currently running at or willing to run at a pace of 8min/k (parkrun 5k in 40mins)?

Want to run faster and further?

Come along to beginners’ graduation and find out more about increasing your distance, talk about training plans and discuss opportunities for training.

You will find us in the Rose & Crown on Wednesday 22 February from 7.30pm and in FarmW5 on Thursday 23 February from 11am.

In particular, with the January beginners’ programme finishing at the end of February, a second Improvers course will be starting 10am on Thursday 2 March (with a holiday on Maundy Thursday 13 April). This course will aim to progress Eagles from running 5.5k to running a 10k race at the beginning of May and to provide an introduction to speed work.

There is no requirement to attend all the sessions but you will make most progress if you do and you will also be expected to do “homework” outside the Thursday sessions as part of a training plan for 10k.

The length of the sessions will necessarily depend on the distance being run that day but you should allow from about an hour to 1 ½ hours. Most sessions will meet in Gunnersbury Park.

Update on Club Championships for 2017 - 2018

Thank you everyone for all your feedback on how to improve Club Championships for the next year!  Whilst we are still finalising the rules we wanted to publicise some of the Club Championship events that are coming up in the next few months so you can start to plan your training and book some races!  Facebook events will be set up for all these races and the Race Calendar on the website will be updated.

Westminster Mile

Date: Sunday 28th May 2017
Race Costs: £8

Second Sunday 5 miles on Wimbledon Common

Date: Sunday 14th May 2017
Race Costs: £3

Summer League

Two 10km races will be Club Championship races:

Regent's Park on 16th July 2017

Battersea Park on 20th August 2017

Race Costs: Free

Harlow 10 Miles

Date: Sunday 3rd September 2017
Race Costs: £15 approx
(this isn't open for entry yet so save the date!)

Burnham Beeches Half Marathon

Date: Sunday 13th August 2017
Race Costs:£24

The rest of the races as well as all the updated rules will be published shortly.

For more information on Club Championships please see the relevant section of the website (http://www.ealingeagles.com/club-championships/) or for further information please contact race@ealingeagles.com



Brighton Marathon Places!

If anyone is looking for a last minute entry to The (sold out) Brighton Marathon this year we have access to some club places which will need to be claimed by 20th February. If you're interested please contact Olivia on membership@ealingeagles.com

Please see message from the organisers:

England Athletics Club Entry:

We are pleased to announce that England Athletics registered athletes can now apply for a guaranteed entry into the 2017 Brighton Marathon. Entries are limited per club according to the number of first claim registered members.

Entry into the Brighton Marathon costs £69.50 and entries must be applied for through your Club Secretary. If you are interested in entering the Brighton Marathon via the England Athletics Club entry, please speak to your Club Secretary. We can only accept requests to enter from Club Secretaries.

Ride London Volunteers

Cycling Eagles we need you!

With the ballot places for Prudential Ride 100 being announced this week we are looking at suppling a volunteer team for the event for those that weren't successful but would still like to be a part it!

If we volunteer as a group, we will all be assigned a role where everyone can be together in the same location which will make for a great day.

Also if we can get 10 or more people we could potentially get a guaranteed entries into the 2018 Prudential RideLondon 100-mile event or other rewards for the club.

It's just a matter of interest at the moment but if you are keen please make yourself known so we can give a rough number to the organisers of people we can supply over the weekend, the dates are 28-30 July 2017.

More info on the event can be found at https://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/about/faqs/ (copy and paste into browser!). 

Get Involved - Volunteer for your Club

Ealing Eagles Running Club is entirely run by volunteers. You all know that, but did you know how many volunteers it takes to keep the club running (pun absolutely and unapologetically intended!)?

Well, there are 7 committee members for a start. Then two club runs every week, which each have a leader and two tail runners. That's 13. We then have coached sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday, so that's two more. Plus the Improver's sessions, which are commonly two additional coached sessions a week. That takes us up to 17. We also have 4 club members who manage the Junior section and two cross country captains. Plus the person who collates all the club champs information. Plus Mr. Kit, the fabulous Piers Express.

That's a bare minimum of 25 volunteers needed each week to keep this club of over 700 members going. That's over 1,000 opportunities to volunteer every year, most of which are filled by the same small group of amazing regular volunteers. 

And that doesn't even count the additional volunteers we need for the Juniors and Beginner's sessions. It doesn't include the 10k committee, or the team who arrange the Gunnersbury summer league. It doesn't include captains for events like the Welsh Castles or the Green Belt. It doesn't include the people who bring the tea urn and cakes to events. And it doesn't include all the club coaches who work behind the scenes putting together training plans and meeting with their coachees in their spare time. 

If you can, please consider getting involved on a voluntary basis with the club. There are loads of things you can do - these include:

  • Run leader for club run - check out the schedule under the training section on the Eagles Nest and just add your name! You just need to turn up on time, welcome new people, make the weekly announcements, and lead some stretches at the end (or ask a pal to do that). More info under 'volunteer roles' on the Eagles Nest. Please note if you would like to be a run leader, send us a quick email to info@ealingeagles.com so we can add you to the email list and the Google sheet we use for new members and announcements.
  • Tail running - even easier - you just need to add your name to the same schedule as above, turn up on time, and run at the pace of the slowest runner for the short or long club run. You get a nice chat and an enormous sense of well-being from helping people along. 
  • Volunteer with the beginners - Wei Hei runs the beginner's like a well oiled machine, but she can't do it on her own! Volunteers are always needed so that different groups can run at the same session. If you're not sure what it's all about email us or offer to run with the beginners at parkrun first to get an idea of how it works. Again you get that chat and the pleasure of helping someone on their way.   
  • Eagles 10k - you can volunteer to help organise this event, or volunteer on the day as a marshal or a water station attendant, or lots of other things! 
  • Coaching - the club offers support for members who would like to support the club by achieving the recognised LiRF and CiRF qualifications. Volunteers are also always welcome to assist the coaches at specific sessions. Contact coaching@ealingeagles.com if you would like to help or are interested in gaining a coaching qualification. 
  • Juniors - the juniors section meets on Monday evenings and still needs volunteers. Is Monday your rest day? There you go then! 

To volunteer for any of the above roles, register your interest by emailing us at info@ealingeagles.com. Other opportunities for specific events come up all the time, so keep an eye out on the newsletter and Facebook. 

Cross Country Double Weekend : 11th & 12th February

The final cross country league fixtures take place this weekend with the Eagles in a position to win promotion or silverware in both leagues so it’s vital we get as many runners out over the two days as possible.  Even if you don’t score in an Eagles team you still make a vital contribution by pushing other clubs’ runners further down the classification.

Saturday 11th - Met League Cross Country - Alexandra Palace

Venue: Alexandra Park, Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY. The start is close to park entrance by junction of Park Road, Muswell Hill and Alexandra Palace Way.
Note: there are no toilets at the course.

Race HQ: The Pavillion, North Middx Cricket Club, Park Road, London N8 8JJ

There are changing facilities and showers at race HQ.

HQ to course walk time: 1.25km, approx 15 mins

Course description: A mainly flat open course but with one long, steep hill (run more than once by the senior men and women) up to the Palace. It normally gets very muddy, especially on the hill, so spikes are essential if you want to make any progress uphill!

12.45pm - Under 11s – 1500m
12.55pm - Under 13 boys – 3000m
1.00pm – Under 13 girls – 3000m
1.20pm – U15 boys/17 men – 4000m
1.25pm – U15 girls/U17 women – 4000m
1.55pm – Senior / U20 women – 6000m
2.35pm – Senior / U20 men – 8000m

Public transport
The best route from Ealing seems to be the tube to Finsbury Park (Piccadilly line / Central line then Victoria line) followed by the W3 bus to Alexandra Palace)

Car Parking:
Paddock car park at the western end of the park is adjacent to the start / finish. Entrance on Alexandra Palace Way. Do not park at the Cricket Club.

If you raced any of the previous Met League races this season, please remember to bring your race number with you to wear. If you have lost your number, or haven't yet raced a Met League fixture this season, you will need to collect your race number. Please make sure you have your EA license with you.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your race and look out for the Eagles flag.

You must run in an Eagles top.

Listening devices such as I-Pods are not allowed on safety grounds when competing.

Post race: After the races, trophies will be awarded in all categories at Race HQ. and a few other clubs are going to The Mossy Well, 258 Muswell Hill Broadway, which also serves food.

Sunday 12th - Sunday League - Royston

Venue: The event will be hosted by Royston Runners and will be held on Therfield Heath, Royston.

Race HQ: The Heath Sports Centre, Baldock Road, Royston, SG8 5BG. The sports centre has good changing and showering facilities.

Please note that there will be portaloos onsite for runners to use. Please use these rather than the toilets in the Heath sports club as they struggle to cope when used by large numbers of people.

Race details
Start: 10:30am

Course: Both women and men will run approx 5.5 miles. There will be one small lap and two large laps. The course is mostly across open downland and is very hilly. Watch out for rabbit holes! It is suitable for spikes, studs or trail shoes.

All entries are taken on the day. Also, please wear an Eagles top.

Please note that all muddy footwear must be removed before entering the sports centre, especially spikes.

There will be an end of season presentation in the Heath Sports Bar after the race.

Parking is available at the Heath, but is limited due to other sporting activities taking place. Please arrive early. Car sharing is recommended.
A car sharing google doc is available via https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LU1IJEraZYX-iPnP0L6hiS4_Vfkx3Qs6gq0BqGaps8Q/edit#gid=0

Green Belt Relay 20 - 21st May!

Now recruiting!

An epic weekend of running, covering 220 miles around London, 22 stages, 2 days and 11 runners per team.

This is a great chance to see the countryside and get in some trail running. You'll run a stage each day, from 7 to 13 miles across all types of terrain. It's fantastically friendly, finishes with drinks and a BBQ and the runners have all had a great time over the last couple of years.

When not running the teams tear around between the stages encouraging everyone and trying to get everyone to their start line on time. The event starts at 8.30am on Saturday, and we won't be returning to Ealing until 7/8pm that night, before making an early start on Sunday morning to leave Ealing and continue the race. The event finishes in Kingston at around 6/7pm on the Sunday. 

Runners of all paces are welcome to sign up, the organisers only ask you can average around 10min/mile so that the marshalls can go home at a decent hour.

The club will pay for the race entry, but we are expecting there to be a small cost per runner of around £30 for transport, a bit of food/drink, and incidentals. Any spare will go towards food and beer at the barbecue on the Sunday! 

We're entering three teams, so there are only 33 places, but we've always needed to use the reserves in the past, so please sign up even if there are a few names on the list.

The sign up spreadsheet is here, don't worry about your 10K time, it's just so we can try to make the teams roughly even:

A few  pics from last year: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ealingeagles/search/?query=green%20belt%20relay

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greenbeltrelay/?fref=ts

REMEMBER Please copy and paste the links into your browser! 



5k Time Trial - 7th Feb

Ever wondered how fast your 5k time is on a track? Well now's your chance!

On 7th Feb at 7:30pm at Osterley Track we will run the first Eagles 5k time trial. 12.5 laps against your fellow eagles. This will be a group start so plenty of people for you to pace yourself against and chase. Set a time on the 7th and then try and beat it again at the next event in March.

Details will be included on a Facebook event for these sessions, and on the weekly training information on the website.

Coached Sessions with Mara Yamauchi

Last summer we were very fortunate to have a special intervals session with Olympic Marathon Runner Mara Yamauchi.

This event was a great success and the Ealing Eagles have invited her back this year, this time for a bit longer! This is another step up for the club to now have such an accomplished athlete within our ranks to help support you in your running goals.

Our first session with her will be on February 14th at Osterley Track.

Interest in this event is expected to be high and we can only have limited numbers so we require people attending this session to sign up in advance. To do so please email coaching@ealingeagles.com with your name and your current rough 5km time.

Please do not turn up to this event on the day if you haven't emailed first.

Eagles Coaches are also invited to spectate to learn from her as well as ask any questions you may have. Please also email to indicate if you would to spectate.

Middlesex Masters Cross Country Championships 19th Feb 2017

Sunday, 29th January, is the deadline for entries to the Middlesex Masters Cross Country Championships on 19th February 2017.

Please note the age requirements:
Ladies - 35 and over
Men - 40 and over

Race HQ will be at Berkeley Fields, Berkeley Avenue, Greenford, Middx, UB6 0NZ – numbers are to be collected here. No changing or shower facilities. Athletes should come to the event ready changed. Toilets in the clubhouse. No spikes to be worn in the clubhouse.

Race details are as follows:
10.30am : Men 40-59 (9km approx)
11.15am : Men over 60 and all women over 35 (6km approx.)

If you would like to run, please e-mail chair@ealingeagles.com with the following information:
Full name
Date of birth
EA number
Mobile number if you would like the time sent to you by text

Whether county qualification is by birth (B) or residency (R). Residency qualification is obtained by having nine months continuous bona fide residence in the County immediately prior to the date of the race.

One of the conditions for entering runners to this event is that the club must provide a marshal. If you are able to marshal on the day, please e-mail chair@ealingeagles.com

Full details can also be found on the event page on Facebook. 

Club Championships 2017 - 2018

We are starting to look at the Club Championships for 2017 - 2018 so if you have any feedback on this year, any suggestions for next year or any races you think would be good ones to include then please email Heidi on race@ealingeagles.com.

We like to support local races, ideally organised by other running clubs where possible, but all suggestions are welcome!

For those not familiar with Club Championships please check it out on our website as all the details including rules and this year's races are on there!

Club Champs Info


Juniors Volunteers - We Need You!

A small but dedicated team led by Kelvin Walker, Jennifer Watt, James de Vivenot and Lisa Dumais have been running the first ever Junior Eagles sessions for the last couple of months.

It has been a huge success so far and they want that success to continue.

For that to happen they would love some more volunteers.

The 'Running Jumping Throwing' sessions run on Mondays in Elthorne Park at 7pm and an endurance running session is currently being trialled on Wednesdays in Lammas park from 6:30 (so you can still do club run!).

If you would like more information or to sign up regularly or ad-hoc please contact any of the Juniors leaders, or contact the Eagles Coaching Coordinator (Ben Cale) on Facebook or at coaching@ealingeagles.com.