London Marathon Blog 2, or Mistaken Identity... by Stephen Ralston

Its fair to say that most people in the club thing I’m David Powlson. It was only Saturday at the Wormwood Scrubs Cross Country race when I got a, ‘Come one Dave!’, and this isn’t an isolated case.  After the Ealing Half Marathon I had a long conversation about my recovery and how hard I had found the event. It was true in that I had found it hard and struggled from the Drayton pub onwards, and I was able to innocently regale about how hard I had found it all, not knowing at the time that David had also found it difficult and this is what the conversation was actually referring to (David has his own story on this). Its not that we don’t have similarities; I think we both joined the club in a similar timeframe, both have young families, similar aged, dark hair with an angular handsomeness(?), so I can see where the mistakes have come, but its starting to get a bit like ‘Only Fools and Horses’ where Trigger keeps calling Rodney, ‘Dave’ ( 

I’m glad to say that it’s not just one sided, David has been mistaken for me also and congratulated for his efforts in different events that he didn’t attend, and it got me thinking,…maybe I could use this to my advantage.  Lets just say that if you are at a club social event and see someone enjoying the evening a little too much, and the person  looks a bit like David Powlson, don’t hesitate, it was definitely David!!

To be fair, David couldn’t be a nicer guy so its not a bad situation. And sorry to disappoint, but there’s no heart-breaking back story to this where twin boys were separated at birth in a dramatic titanic style boat crash, growing up, living separate lives with a mysterious half pendant an only clue to another life, and a common longing to return to the motherland of Ealing! Nope, Just coincidence. Maybe it’s a surname thing as well; Ralston/Powlson...maybe not.  Anyway, discuss.

Back to running. Training's going well. Day 15 of January and no Five Guys!

The question is, is Stephen on the left or the right?!

The question is, is Stephen on the left or the right?!