London Marathon Blog 3 or It's All Pants by Stephen Ralston

When you take up a new hobby you always tend to get hobby related Christmas presents, and this year was the running year. Past years have been cycling years and I got numerous water bottles, bells, handlebar streamers etc. All very funny, sometimes useful. So this year my most interesting running related present was a pair of running related underwear; they are called Runderwear. I didn’t know what to say...

So these pants are a strange beast. If you scroll there should be a picture attached (don’t worry, they are not being worn in the picture). Firstly the fit. All I can say is, don’t put them on in the dark or you will be convinced that they are on back to front. You then swap them round, and still think they are back to front, before resolving that you were right the first time, but still feel wrong.  Even in the light it’s a challenge because the markings on the pants aren’t exactly straightforward. 



Second is the texture. The pants claim to be seamless; its true and it’s a cross between a pair of pants that have been knitted by your Gran out of some kind of soft and dense fish netting material. They are weird and almost feel nappy’ish.  

Anyway, training is going well.  No Five Guys!