Stephen's Marathon Blog #5

At last night’s club run Gary and I discussed the key thing on our mind, six weeks ahead of London. First on the agenda, ‘what are you writing about in your next blog’. Gary had ran two marathons (obviously recovery runs from the many other marathons that Gary runs), I hadn't, so he at least had some content. We also discussed training plans and I suggested that my training plan depressed me because it was a constant reflection of either not running far or fast enough. Training plans don't consider you might have some aches or minor injuries, they are just steadfast in progression and effectively take the joy away from doing something you once thought fun. I would burn mine, but its on my phone so I can’t.

My training plan has mostly been impacted from what I call ‘Mini hip’. I recently bought a new car to supplement the family ‘bus’ and bring some joy back to a dark January. After the Harrow (on Hill) 10k I packed the two elder children into the Mini and we set off for a 250 mile journey to grandparents for half term. I thought it would be great, chance to try out the Mini with a decent journey, manual gears, and a bit of fun.  I didn’t consider that the sporty mini was a little less comfy than the family bus; that my left leg had lost any stamina to work a clutch (the bus is an automatic) and that the heated seats in the bus had been useful in providing relief for an aching hip.  By the time we arrived in the North East my hips and hamstring was a little tight, although I assumed this was fallout from the Harrow 10. After a week of driving I realised that actually the issue was the car and the clutch.  I assumed at the time (and continue to assume) its just a matter of time to adapt, and the car will be fine.  Whilst ‘Mini hip’ is proving bothersome, I can run and if anything its made me appreciate that I should stretch more and the foam roller has come out of the cupboard after a few years.  So if you see me slightly hobbling at the end of a run (or at the end of the Fleet Half on Sunday) its not due to some mammoth plank session, its likely related to driving a Mini!

Apart from that, training going ok, getting through slower miles than hoped.  Only one Five Guys.