Stephen's Blog #7 - Wales Great Marathon

I signed up to the Wales Great Marathon last year. I hadn't got into London, seemed to miss the boat for entering Berlin and I hadn't got into Brighton either and I wanted a spring (as it stands, winter) marathon to effectively not feel left out. So when I was successful with the club ballot I thought that this run might be a nice organised ‘long run’ with gels, a t shirt and stuff.  As it turns out this became my ‘tester’ to see if London was practical. 

Oh BTW I had already changed this to the half option rather than the full marathon. So long story short, biblical weather today, rain and windy, but ran around at a kind of a marathon pace and was happy with the ‘London next week’ excuse for a slower time. Hamstring still in one piece and the ache didn't get worse so really pleased. I know this isn't classic tapering, but I feel much more confidant for next week and looking forward to the day.

The weather forecast is interesting; provisionally says it might be sunny and warm? Im used to winter running so not sure about this bit?!?

No five guys.

Ps. Dave P. Just checking to see if you are still ok to do that switcheroo at half way?