Ealing Eagles 10k Race 2019

This race is for all abilities, club runners and non-club runners alike

Congratulations to everyone completing the Ealing Eagles 10k 2019!

Race results can be found here

Congratulations to St Marks School. the first winners of the Brand new youth Group Prize!


Win money for your school or youth group!

New for 2019, if you enter a team of 5 or more and your team is named the school or youth group you represent then you will enter a draw to win £100 for your group.

Take on the 10km as a great fundraising opportunity! All you need to do is finish!

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Want to Volunteer at the 10k? Click here

Key info

Saturday May 11th 9:30am

£13 Affiliated runners £15 Non-affiliated runners

Medal for all finishers.

Individual and spot prizes.

A percentage of the race profits will be donated to the two Ealing Eagles nominated charities

Returning to Brent Lodge Park, Hanwell (a.k.a Bunny Park) for 2019, we have improved on a great race in 2018.

Places for this year’s event are limited so book your place early for this exciting new trail race!

The 10k route takes you on two laps over a mixture of grass, dirt paths, bridges, tarmac, humps, bumps, twists and turns following the River Brent and through Brent Valley Golf Course and the nearby meadow - all creating a 10k course with a bit of a difference.

Route Map.png

The 2019 Course

Starting in Brent Lodge Park the race starts with a lap of the park before heading down the grassy hill and across an earth mound to meet the River Brent. Passing Hanwell Zoo you follow the river before a gentle rise turns into a short steep descent. Across the first bridge and around the cricket field you' follow a straight(ish) path through the golf course until you cross the river again. A left turn then leads you up another short sharp hill and into Brent Valley Park which you follow the perimeter of passing through meadows and woodland before a short stretch of pavement. Back into the parkland, around a pond and you will find yourself on a wide tarmac path passing back through the golf course. The course then climbs back up towards the starting area before meeting Church road where marshals will aid you across the road and back into the park ready for the 2nd lap.

This course really is a bit of everything. Not the fastest 10k course but definitely one of the most varied, challenging and appealing to all runners.

View our flyby of the new improved course for 2019

Check out the video of the 2018 route below!

Getting there!

It is incredibly easy to get to the park by Train, Tube or Bus

We ask that competitors and their guests do not drive to this event where possible.

The immediate area which is all residential is subject to controlled parking that will be in force on the Saturday. The small carpark near to the park will be not available to race goers and marshals will ask you to find somewhere else to park if you do drive. The event is only able to be held with the support of the local council and local residents with assurances that traffic would be kept to an absolute minimum. If you do need to drive please park further away and either walk or get public transport the rest of the way. Access to the race village for people with mobility issues will of course be accommodated.

It is incredibly easy to get to the park by Train, Tube or Bus

By Train

Hanwell Train Station has trains connecting Paddington to Heathrow, Slough, reading and beyond and is only an 8 minute walk away. The park can be accessed from the Alwyne Road entrance.

If travelling from further afield then Brentford Train station with links to Waterloo connects to the 195 and E8 buses that will both carry you almost to the start line.

By Tube

E8, 195 both run up Boston Road connecting you to the Piccadilly Line at Boston Manor Station or Brentford Train Station. Hop off the E8 when you reach the Uxbridge Road and walk back the way you came, past the Viaduct pub and into Brent Meadow, under the Wharcliffe Viaduct and into the park.

By Bus

You are spoilt for choice!

The E1 (Ealing Broadway to Greenford Broadway) stops outside Hanwell Station and E3 (Chiswick to Greenford Broadway) opposite Cuckoo Lane. Both operate up Greenford Avenue and are only 9 minutes walk to the start line.

92, 195, 207, 282, 427, 483, 607 all operate along the Uxbridge Road and stop at or next to Ealing Hospital. From there cross the road and walk along the river through Brent Meadow, under the Wharcliffe Viaduct and into the park.


10th Anniversary Special Offer

To celebrate 10 years of the Ealing Eagles Running Club we are offering people who enter a team of 10 to receive an 11th place for free.

You don’t need to all enter at the same time, you just need to all be part of the same team or running club. We will send you a voucher code to redeem your 11th place.

If you enter a team of 20 then you get two free places and so on! However the free places cannot count towards the total number. i.e It would have to be 20 paid for places to qualify for the extra free place.

Please note that Ealing Eagles Runners are not eligible for this offer.

Teams and the Schools and Youth Groups Prize

Qualifying teams are a minimum of 5 finishers. The fastest 5 finishers will count for the overall team prize.

To be eligible for the Schools and Youth Group team prize you must complete the race with a qualifying team of a minimum of five people. All teams must be entered using their school or youth group as their team name. One team will then be drawn at random shortly after the race.

If you have already entered the 10k and still want to form a team then you still can! Email us at 10k@ealingeagles.com and we can amend your entry to include you in a team. If you are entering as part of your running club instead then you do not need to do anything.

More Info / FAQ's

1. Refunds and Transfers

We do not offer refunds or transfers unfortunately. Costs associated with the race are allocated as soon as you sign up and therefore we cannot recover those costs if you find you then are unable to run.

2. Water

Water will be available before, during and after the race provided by our kind friends at Ealing Half Marathon (A great event if you feel like taking on a new challenge after our 10k!)

3. The weather

We have no control over this. Please dress appropriately and bring anything you may need including water for the start and finish (this will help you get water quicker if there is a queue at our water station). Please be mindful of your own abilities. If at any point you feel unwell or unable to complete the course the pull off the course, take a moment to get your breath, consider how you feel and either continue gently or walk back towards the start/finish area. If you feel unwell please tell a marshal.

4. First Aid

Professional First Aid is provided in the start/finish area. Some of our marshals on the course will have first aid training and qualifications as well but all will be able to summon help if you need it. Please ensure your medical information is complete before you start the race. In some cases you may be referred to Ealing Hospital which is only about 600m from the start/finish area.

5. Headphones

You may not wear headphones on the course. It is a stipulation of our race insurace that competitors must be able to hear all directions given by the marshals. There is one road crossing where traffic will still be flowing so you must be able to listen and respond to the marshals instructions. Anyone seen wearing headphones will be liable to disqualificationand also may be stopped from completing the course.

6. Dogs, Running Buggies and Children

Unfortunately the course is not suitable for any of these so please do not attempt to run with them. The marshals will stop you and you will not be allowed to continue.

7. Race results

These will be processed as swiftly as possible and will measure the time you cross the start line to the time you cross the finish line. You won't need to be the first across the start line to get an accurate race time so don't worry.

8. Photos

We do not employ people to take photos on the course however we hope to have plenty of volunteers and marshals taking photos of the event and your great run. We will then collate them all for you to download free of charge. If you or your family and friends take photos and want to add them then we will tell you how nearer the time.

8.Anything else?

Contact us at 10k@ealingeagles.com if you have any other questions.

 Got a question? Email us at 10k@ealingeagles.com