Social Media Policy

Ealing Eagles Running Club is a friendly and social running club in Ealing, founded in 2009 for runners of all standards, from beginners and novices to expert racers, in the Ealing, Perivale, Greenford, Northfields & Hanwell area. For more information about the club please look here

The Ealing Eagles Facebook Group is an active members area where our runners can get to know one another.  It also allows newer members to get a feel for what a friendly and sociable club we are.

The Facebook group is:

  • for Ealing Eagles club members only (if we can't easily identify you as a club member when you request to join the group, you may be asked for more information we accept your request to join the group)

  • to be used for running and club related subjects e.g. discussing training tips, races, equipment, arranging transport to events and races, organising socials and parties, informal training sessions etc

  • an informal forum. Please bear this in mind when arranging to attend informal training sessions organised through the Group, and act responsibly

  • to be used in a respectful manner i.e. no inappropriate language or content, and be respectful of other members

  • for sharing Eagles photos, running related information and articles you think may be of interest to your club mates

  • to be used sensibly i.e. don't post anything you might regret later, or that is likely to offend others

  • NOT the place to swap race entries/numbers without first gaining approval to do so from the race organiser. If you do have permission, please say so when you post to the group

  • NOT to be used for advertising services for commercial gain without the prior approval of the committee

  • NOT a substitute for eBay or Gumtree i.e. no advertising of anything not running/ triathlon related (such as flats with spare rooms) selling or giving away anything not connected with running or selling or advertising 3rd party products or services (if you feel that a product or service would be of interest to our members, ask the seller if they would like to become a club sponsor)

  • NOT for sharing fundraising links (due to the sheer number of charity runners in the club)

  • NOT for sharing your non-running holiday photos

  • NOT for expressing political, religious or other potentially divisive opinion or for for being critical, confrontational or abusive toward other club members

  • NOT for raising issues for the attention of the committee (who don't check every post/thread). These should be addressed to or via the Contact Form.

As a general rule, before posting think if your post or comment adds to the Ealing Eagles running community and consider what a new member would think when reading your comment (perhaps without knowing the background).  Finally, do remember that sarcasm and humour is often not conveyed very well on a forum of this sort and can easily appear rude or offensive.

We also have a Twitter page and Tweeting Eagles are encouraged to follow us (@ealingeagles) and to help us spread the word about the club. However please remember that Twitter, unlike the Facebook group, is a completely public forum and we therefore need to take care about how we present the club.