This club has helped to extend my Eddie Eagle

59 years. Nearly 59 years it has taken me to successfully run a continuous 5k. I graduated from the Ealing Eagles Beginners Running Club last Thursday, Nov 16th, 2017 as part of the October intake.

I had CHD repair via open-heart surgery in 1966 and again I needed open-heart surgery in 2013. Running for me is not easy, especially as I am on Beta Blockers and have a diminished cardiac output but with the help of the Eagles and my fellow beginners I was able to fulfil a dream.

I now raise the bar to 10k. I may fail but I will never fail in trying for one never knows what is achievable until one tries. When it comes to running though, there is no such thing as failure,you either run or you don't.

No matter where you run, no matter what distance you run, no matter what pace you run at, it is still a run.

I have applied for membership and I will be the club's proudest member. This club has helped to extend my life. Thank you.

Eagles-5K (2).JPG