Cheer Squad Resources

Follow the links below to download PDF print-at-home DIY cheer squad flags in a range of catchy slogans! The flags are in a PDF format to allow you to print them in whatever size you want. 

Laminate them, stick them on flag sticks, put them in your window - whatever - just wave them with pride whenever you're on cheer squad duty! 

Flag 1 - Fly Like An Eagle

Flag 2* - Don't Let the Club Down

Flag 3 - They're Gaining on You

Flag 4 - Just Keep Running

Flag 5** - Less Than A Parkrun To Go!

Flag 6 - We Are So Proud of You

Flag 7 - See You In The Pub

Flag 8 - We Think You're Amazing


*Note - this is an ironic sign! 

** Note - only to be used when it REALLY IS less than 5k to go....!