The club is 100% run by volunteers. Everyone from the coaches to the committee to marshals at club events and the person blowing up balloons at the Summer Party is a volunteer. We encourage and expect each member of the club to volunteer to do something at least twice a year.  

There are many and varied ways in which you can get involved and help the club. Some of the more common volunteering opportunities are detailed below.

Run leaders

Each of our Monday and Wednesday night club runs have a designated Run Leader. If you are leading a club run, you will be expected to:

  • Wear Eagles kit to club runs where possible, so that new members can identify you.

  • Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the run gets underway to ask if there are any new members present, make them feel welcome and explain the route to them. If you can, try to match them up with a similar paced runner.

  • Make relevant club announcements to the group. In the winter, remind everyone to wear hi vis!

  • Remain back at the run meeting point after the run until everyone, including the tailrunners, is back and lead a simple set of cool down stretches (or arrange for a fellow Eagle to manage the stretches). Click here to access suggested stretches from British Athletics.


Tailrunning is a popular way to volunteer and we ask all members to do this a few times each year. As the tailrunner for club run, you will be expected to:

  • Wear Eagles kit to club runs where possible, so that new members can identify you.

  • Run at the back of either the long or short club run, at the pace of the slowest runner.

  • If you are tailrunning the long run and find yourself catching up with those at the back of the pack, check with each runner whether they are doing the long or short route, so that noone is left behind.

  • Ensure all runners of your route finish safely and don't get lost.

  • Take a mental note of anyone who tells you they are going to stop before the end of the route, or take an alternative route home.

  • If you are the tailrunner, you must complete the whole route! The run leader will be expecting you back at Ealing Green to signify that all runners from your route are back safely.

  • Encourage any new members or recent Beginner's graduates, who might not be as confident in their running as established members.

To volunteer to lead or tailrun, head to the Tailrunning Schedule in the Training section to choose your dates! If you are new to leading, pop us an email to info@ealingeagles.com so we can add you on to the information sheet about new members coming to club run for the first time. 

Ealing Eagles 10k

The club's showcase event relies on the generous time given up by the organising committee in the build-up to the event and on dozens of volunteers on the day itself. Many clubs don't allow their runners to enter their own club event, making volunteering mandatory, but we like that club members make up their own mind as to how they take part on the day.

To volunteer for any of the above roles, register your interest by emailing us at info@ealingeagles.com.

Beginners Programme

The club always attracts a large number of runners to the Beginners Programme throughout the year. As well as having a few regular run leaders, a number of members are required to accompany the groups of beginners, offering advice and encouragement as well as motivating these new or returning runners. No previous coaching experience is necessary, just an approachable manner and a desire to help others enjoy running. 

To make sure it's safe and effective the Beginners Programme can only run when there are enough volunteers to help out. For this reason there may be breaks in the intake start dates through the year. Contact beginners@ealingeagles.com if you would like to help.


The club offers support for members who would like to support the club by achieving the recognised LiRF and CiRF qualifications. Volunteers are also always welcome to assist the coaches at specific sessions. Contact coaching@ealingeagles.com or use the Contact Form if you would like to help or are interested in gaining a coaching qualification. 

Skills & Talents

Are you a whizz with websites? A budding photographer? Know a lot about event planning? If you think you have a skill or talent which would be of use to the club, let us know. It really could be anything - you'd be amazed how many jobs need to be done to keep the club running! Contact info@ealingeagles.com or use the Contact Form if you think you can help.