Winter Club Run Route Feedback

We recently introduced a new winter club which has received a mixed response.

The committee will be discussing the matter at their next meeting and would like to canvass the views of members to assist with these discussions.

Just to give a bit of background, the route was changed, following suggestions from members, to cut out as much as possible of the North Circular Road, due to high levels of pollution. We also took into account safety concerns of people 'jumping the red man' at the crossing by Ealing Green, the crossing by the entrance / exit to Broadway Centre car park and people straying into the cycle path along the North Circular Road. We believe that these were justifiable reasons to amend the route.

The committee would like to hear the view of members so if you have any comments, either for or against the old or new route, please e-mail by Monday 31st October. The committee will then discuss at the next meeting on Tuesday 1st November. In the meantime, to avoid confusion, we will continue to use the current, new route.