Revision to Winter Club Run Routes

Following feedback from members, we have decided to amend the club run route. 

The vast majority of comments expressed a preference for a return to a route along the North Circular Road due to the better lighting and feeling more visible / safer. 

We still hold concerns about the crossings at Ealing Green and the car park into the Broadway Centre plus the narrow, dark section when you turned right at the end of The Grove onto The Common towards Warwick Road and this revised route avoids these points. 

The route starts as we do now heading down St Mary's Road as far the zebra crossing by The Castle / University of West London. We then cross over and head down Warwick Road.

Warwick Road is wider, better lit and has less trees (and therefore tree routes) than most of the other roads and whilst there are currently works taking place these should be completed in the next 6 / 8 weeks. 

When you reach The Grange pub at the junction with The Common, the route is the same as the old short / long routes. 

Please see below a link to the new, long, route if you are not sure on the directions above (this may need to be pasted into your browser, there is also a picture of the route at the bottom of this post).

We accept that there will be some people who may not be 100% happy with this route but given the feedback I have received from members we feel this is the best solution. 

Members of the committee have the run the route, start from Ealing Green at 7:30pm, to check the lighting / pavement conditions and felt there were no issues. 

This new route will be used from Monday 31st October.