Do Some Good With Your Old Shoes!

Have you got an old pair of trainers which you no longer need? Do you need an excuse to buy a new pair?

Ealing Soup Kitchen are in desperate need of more pairs of trainers for their clients. Unfortunately foot health is a big problem for homeless people, and a good pair of shoes can make a huge difference to someone in need.

Ruth Dixon Del Tufo, owner of one of the best names in the club and general all around good egg, will be at the social next Wednesday at the New Inn with a bag to collect in any old shoes you want to donate.

As they are for people to walk in, not run, they don't need to be in racing condition, but please make sure they haven't got the soles hanging off or holes in - the idea is to help people keep their feet warm and dry. Please tie them in pairs by the laces as that will make life easier for Ruth and the people at the Ealing Soup Kitchen. 

Go on, do someone a good turn this Christmas with something you no longer need but could make a massive difference to them. 

And Merry Christmas!