Green Belt Relay Weekend

This weekend will see the Eagles take part in the Green Belt Relay. The Green Belt Relay is an annual 22-stage running relay race around 220 miles of the Green Belt around the outside of London over a single weekend.  The course mainly follow footpaths, towpaths or minor roads.  It is organised by The Stragglers running club, has been going since 1995, and involves around 35-40 teams.  
Runners form teams of 11 people, and each runner runs one stage each day. 
Although the race is a relay, each stage starts at a fixed time.  This allows each stage to be a competitive race in its own right, and also allows teams of all different standards to stay roughly together as they advance along the route. This year we have three teams running. They are:

Team A: Colin Overton (Captain), Graham Holland, Sarah Mack, Chris Lambert, Paul Peasegood, Claire Morris, Debbie Ryan, David Bone, Sophie Foxall, Robert Sharpe, Jenny Bushell

Team B: Nicola Miller (Captain, not running) Andrea Hendy, Angela Duff, Kieran Santry, Mike Duff, Jenny Baker, James de Vivenot, Robert Kipling, Lynda Bennett, Anthony Austin, Dane Michael Ryan

Team C: Mark Woodcock (Captain, not running) Allie Collins, Sue Park, Ben Cale, Michelle Verbossche, Sim On Har Dy, Aaron Mo, Charlotte Johnson, Simon Stannard, Ronan Moriarty, Sonja Knoll, John Llaxof

Best of luck to all three teams! Remember, don't forget your map, don't get lost and most important of all.....don't let the club down!