Laps of Lammas

It's that time of year again for the annual Eagles Laps of Lammas run! Very simple: show up and run as many laps of the Ealing Mile course as you can. 

This will fit in very nicely for anyone training for EHM, a marathon or just anyone who fancies a Sunday long run with a crowd of fellow Eagles!

Please note that this will be self led so all you do is turn up and run! You can co-ordinate with fellow Eagles by filling in the spreadsheet on the Facebook event and find people to run some laps with who are at a similar pace!

(PS - we are aware that some Eagles prefer not to use Facebook, and as such we will be gradually starting to encourage event sign ups to be done via the website, however events already set up on Facebook will be left where they are for now. If you have any difficulty signing up because you don't use Facebook, please contact and we will help you out).