Tailrunners Needed!

The Tailrunning schedule for September and October is looking a bit thin on the ground folks! Please have a look and see if you are able to volunteer to fill up the gaps.

Tailrunning is a popular way to volunteer and we ask all members to do this a few times each year. As the tailrunner for club run, you will be expected to:

  • Wear Eagles kit to club runs where possible, so that new members can identify you.
  • Run at the back of either the long or short club run, at the pace of the slowest runner. 
  • If you are tailrunning the long run and find yourself catching up with those at the back of the pack, check with each runner whether they are doing the long or short route, so that noone is left behind.
  • Ensure all runners of your route finish safely and don't get lost. 
  • Take a mental note of anyone who tells you they are going to stop before the end of the route, or take an alternative route home. 
  • If you are the tailrunner, you must complete the whole route! The run leader will be expecting you back at Ealing Green to signify that all runners from your route are back safely.
  • Encourage any new members or recent Beginner's graduates, who might not be as confident in their running as established members. 

To volunteer to tailrun, head to the Tailrunning Schedule in the Training section to choose your dates!