Ealing Half Marathon - Thank You!

Sunday 25th September saw over 4,300 runners from all over the country and the world storm the streets of Ealing to run the 5th Ealing Half Marathon. 

It was a fantastic day as always, with the winner coming in with a time of 1:04:14 in a completely even split, and a huge flock of Eagles running some incredible times and reaching new milestones. 

All the posts on Facebook this week have really shown how much everyone enjoyed this amazing event and how much the hard work that goes into putting it on is appreciated - well done to all the runners and volunteers from the club and a massive THANK YOU to Kelvin and Sandra for letting us be part of the fun! 

We have already received a huge number of new member enquiries since you lot showed the town your Eagle Spirit on Sunday, so make sure you look out for some new faces in the coming weeks!