Green Belt Relay 20 - 21st May!

Now recruiting!

An epic weekend of running, covering 220 miles around London, 22 stages, 2 days and 11 runners per team.

This is a great chance to see the countryside and get in some trail running. You'll run a stage each day, from 7 to 13 miles across all types of terrain. It's fantastically friendly, finishes with drinks and a BBQ and the runners have all had a great time over the last couple of years.

When not running the teams tear around between the stages encouraging everyone and trying to get everyone to their start line on time. The event starts at 8.30am on Saturday, and we won't be returning to Ealing until 7/8pm that night, before making an early start on Sunday morning to leave Ealing and continue the race. The event finishes in Kingston at around 6/7pm on the Sunday. 

Runners of all paces are welcome to sign up, the organisers only ask you can average around 10min/mile so that the marshalls can go home at a decent hour.

The club will pay for the race entry, but we are expecting there to be a small cost per runner of around £30 for transport, a bit of food/drink, and incidentals. Any spare will go towards food and beer at the barbecue on the Sunday! 

We're entering three teams, so there are only 33 places, but we've always needed to use the reserves in the past, so please sign up even if there are a few names on the list.

The sign up spreadsheet is here, don't worry about your 10K time, it's just so we can try to make the teams roughly even:

A few  pics from last year:

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