Welsh Castles Relay Teams Announced!

The wait is finally over for those speedsters who were looking to get onto the teams for this year's prestigious Welsh Castles Relay! 

The Welsh Castles Relay is an annual 2 day event held in June, organised by Les Croupiers Running Club. Running the length of Wales, the route covers over 200 miles and 20 stages starting at Caernarfon Castle on Saturday morning and finishing on Sunday afternoon in Cardiff. The route passes within 2 miles of 22 castles, 16 forts (dating from Roman times onwards), 2 motte & baileys and 5 mottes. A prestigious race, 65 teams compete in the relay and have to get through a rigorous selections process.

Last year the ladies team took 2nd place in their category and were labelled as a team to watch. They will be looking to keep that momentum going this year! The ladies team will be made up of:
Melissah Gibson
Sarah Bailey
Rebecca Jackson
Francesca Cooper
Ellen Easten
Harriet Betteridge
Yvonne Linney
Jennifer Watt
Jenny Bushell
Claire Morris
Kira Norrington
Kelly Scanlon
Michelle Tanner
Emily Schmidt
Lucy Rigg
Michelle Verbossche
Olivia Parker-Scott
Sophie Foxall
Malgorzata Kucharska
Sarah Mack

On paper this year's men's team is the fastest Eagles team to go to the Welsh Castles Relay. 9 men will be making their WCR debuts. Let's see if they can get that pesky 4 minutes off and finish in the top 10 this year! 

Tom Easten
Dave Chryssides
Tom Rowles
Colin Overton
John Foxall
Ewan Fryatt
Matt Kaufman
Jose Manuel Pabon
Kieran Morrisroe
Andrew Guy
Kieran Santry
Bernard Sexton
Harry Claxton
Stephen Ralston
Rob Willin
Raf Machnik
Mike Lawrence
Chris Lambert
Phill Turner
Cam Easton

Stages will be allocated shortly.