Post Marathon Blues...?

For those of you that have been training hard through the long, cold winter, in preparation for your spring marathon, now it's all done (or nearly done for those that have yet to run your marathon!) you may be thinking what do I do next??  Don't despair as there are plenty of racing opportunities coming up over the summer to get you out of your post marathon blues!

Whilst it may be nice to have a bit of a break after all those miles and it's very important that you have some recovery time, if you're on good form it would be a shame to waste it wouldn't it?!  So why don't you put your feet up for a bit and read all about the Club Championship races?!  The new Club Champs year starts at the beginning of May and there are plenty of races to sign up for, across a variety of distances!  This can all be done from the comfort of your sofa (except the actual running part!)!

Check out this link for all things Club Champs related and look out for the event pages on Facebook!

We also compete in a Summer League with a number of other London based clubs and these 5 miles / 10km races will be on throughout the summer.  If you don't fancy running then we are hosting the first fixture of the League at Gunnersbury Park so why not come along and help out?!

Below are some of the races coming up over the next few months:


14th May 5 miles -

28th May 1 mile -


4th June Summer League at Gunnersbury Park (hosted by the Eagles)

18th June Summer League at Harrow

25th June 5km -


2nd July Summer League at Dulwich

16th July Summer League at Regent's Park (Club Champs event)

28th July 7km - Wedding Day 7km


13th August Half Marathon -

20th August Summer League at Battersea Park (Club Champs event)


3rd September 10 miles -

Looking forward to a good turnout at these events!