Facebook Events & Mr. Eagle Profile

Hello everyone - quite an important public service announcement....Facebook has suspended Mr. Eagle's account because they suspect he is not real. This means that we're not able to post as Mr. Eagle, and also that some of you might notice that events have disappeared from what you can see.

This is very much a live situation for the committee, we're just working out how much this has affected things and also how to fix it so we really need you to bear with us please.

If you have had an event SET UP by Mr. Eagle and you now can't see it please email us at info@ealingeagles.com and we will try to work out a way to make it live again or transfer the host from Mr. Eagle to someone else.

Please DO NOT email us just to say you can't see an event you are attending because that will get extremely confusing.

#justiceformreagle #realmreagle #ifsantaisrealsoismreagle