Upcoming Tuesday Track Sessions!

We’ve got a bumper track programme for July at Osterley, including the return of the amazing Mara. The next few weeks of sessions will be as follows:

Tuesday 4th July
5-7 x 1k intervals, 400m recovery jogs

Tuesday 11th July
Back by popular demand, Mara Yamamauchi, 2nd fastest British female Olympian over 26.2 miles is returning to coach all you lovely people. See separate event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1525380630869359/?acontext=%7B%22source%22%3A4%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D&source=4&action_history=null

Tuesday 18th July
1 x 1600m, 1 x 1200m, 1 x 800m, 2 x 400m, 2 x 200m. At 5k pace. 90 seconds recovery.
OR 1 x 1200m, 1 x 800m, 1 x 400m, 1 x 200m. At 5k pace. 90 seconds recovery.

Tuesday 25th July
Yasso 800s: 6-10 x 800m, 400m recovery jogs

In the run up to the Ealing Half Marathon, these sessions will have an emphasis on endurance. If done properly, these are hard sessions that will be tough to complete, but will really lead to improvement.

There will be variations for runners of different abilities so don’t afraid if you’re new to track, you won’t be left behind. The best bit about track is that you’re constantly seeing other Eagles so there is plenty of support. Everyone has their own goals but we encourage each other. Ideally you need a running watch, a simple stop watch will do. If you don’t have one we’ll try and buddy you up with someone of a similar pace.

Osterley track is located at 120 Wood Lane, Isleworth, TW7 5FF.

All sessions start at 7.30pm.

Please ensure you pay on your way in, Eagles get a reduced rate of £2.80, and there are lockers available for a refundable £1. You can also leave your bags at the trackside, but do so at your own risk.

Bring a bottle of water, especially if it’s a warm day.