Beginner's Programme Autumn 2017 - Volunteers!

Are you interested in volunteering with beginners or even learning to lead runs or to coach for the club but don’t have any experience of what this might involve?

The Ealing Eagles Beginners Programme has proved very popular (invitations to the autumn 2017 programme have been sent out to over 148 people). The programme starts with run / walking with all the running at a comfortable pace at which people can talk and gradually builds up to the short club run. Beginners don’t need to have any special equipment to start or to have any particular level of fitness or to be able to run a certain distance to qualify – they just need to turn up on the day with enthusiasm and a commitment to follow the programme! Our experience is that most people will take six to eight weeks, going out twice a week, to progress from not running at all to running 5k.

Fixed length beginners’ courses will be starting at the end of September as follows:


There is no clubhouse so please arrive dressed ready to run. If you have any bags with you, you can leave them in Crispin's Wine bar on Wednesday evenings or in FarmW5 on Thursday mornings. Both of these businesses are located opposite Ealing Green.

In addition to the run / walking element of the programme present in all Eagles beginners’ programmes, some of the sessions in the next programme will include units focusing on running technique.

The sessions are led by our experienced coaches who are qualified UKA Leaders in Running Fitness. Some beginners’ leaders specialise in working with beginners; others started with beginners and have moved on to leading sessions for the club as whole; while others work with both groups. The qualified leaders are supported by a team of volunteers – some simply enjoy encouraging new people to start running while others are inspired to take on other volunteering opportunities. It is not essential for volunteers to be available for the whole programme though obviously volunteers who attend more sessions will find it easier to get to know the beginners. Eagles interested in volunteering with either beginners or the club as whole can gain experience with beginners in a variety of training roles including: run leading; leading warm-ups or cool-downs; or working with a small group of beginners.

If you are on facebook, there is a dedicated facebook group for beginners’ volunteers.

Please email if you would like more information.