Club Training Sessions in September 2018

The darker evenings mean that the switch of Thursday 7.30pm sessions from Lammas Park to West Walk has triggered the swap of the park-based training sessions to the winter arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE Some of the sessions will be meeting in the same place each week but the meeting points for the Tuesday 7.30pm sessions and the EHM recce runs (Thursday mornings) in particular will be moving around from week to week to accommodate the range of training. Please keep an eye on the list of sessions for the week (link also sent to you with email newsletter).

** Monday and Wednesday 7.30pm club runs **

The summer club run routes go through the parks which mean that we cannot continue to use them when the parks close earlier with the darker evenings. Therefore, from Monday 10th September, we will be switching over to the winter club run routes, still meeting at Ealing Green with a choice of two distances (3.75miles / 5.5k or 4.75miles /7k) but avoiding the parks. Please see the club run route page for the route details.

HOWEVER, please note that the offer of these sessions requires the availability of volunteers to be leaders and tail runners. The coached sessions require input from qualified coaches / leaders or experienced runners but anyone who is willing to help out and run at a gentle pace can tail a run (and make use of the time to have a recovery run, to work on your running form and to get to know other people in the club). If you have made use of the club training sessions, please play your part in making the club training sessions possible.

** Hill Sessions on Thursdays 7:30pm West Walk **

Training on hills

·        prepare you for the hills in a race;

·        build muscle (improve leg strength while still working aerobically – strength = speed); and

·        teach your body to run fast when you’re struggling for oxygen (if you did that type of speed work in winter on track – short reps – you would pull a muscle).

All standards are welcome – everyone stays in the same place. Meeting place is West Walk off Hillcroft Crescent

** Tuesday options at 7.30pm**

The Tuesday 7.30pm sessions have been modified to accommodate the darker evenings. We will continue with the hill sessions which are predominantly on the pavements but have switched the Hanger Hill session on the 18th to track.

·        11th – Mara will lead an EHM hills session on Park View Road meeting in Hanger Hill Park. To give us some idea of numbers, please email or join the fb event if you wish to attend this Mara session.

·        18th – first track session of the autumn season – meet Osterley Track, (120 Wood Lane, Isleworth, TW7 5FF). Track fee of £3.00 (discount for Eagles so please bring proof of membership – EA card or confirmation email from club) payable at reception before coming on the Track. Lockers available for a refundable £1. Bring a bottle of water, a snack for afterwards and enough layers to keep warm when you're not running.

·        25th – track session at Osterley track - Park View Road currently not considered suitable for a club session in the dark involving lots of members (update 20 Sept 2018)

** Daytime sessions **

Mondays 10am – Hills in Hanger Hill Park – although targeting Eagles training for Ealing Half Marathon, these sessions will be suitable for anyone wanting to do some hill training

Thursdays 10am – runs for people able or willing to run 8min/k (parkrun in 40mins) and / or able to read a map

·        13th – 8k run – meet Montpelier Park (opposite St Peter’s Church W5 2RU) (EHM led long run this week is the full course recce on Sunday 16th)

·        20th – 16k run – meet Drayton Court Hotel W13 8PH for 16k run

·        27th – 5k run checking the start and finish of EHM – meet Lammas Park by the gate on Culmington Road opposite from Beaconsfield Road (by the lodge and the circular flower bed)

Tuesdays and Fridays 10k at 10am –self-led runs - please check the relevant Facebook group for arrangements.

** Sunday 10 miles **

The route of the self-led Sunday ten mile run is normally along the river but does seem to swap over to sections of the Ealing Half Marathon route as race day approaches. Please keep an eye on Facebook for arrangements.

** Ealing Half Marathon **

The final recce run offered to the general public will be on:

·        Sunday 16 September (8.45am bag drop at the New Inn for 9am start) – full 13.1miles

If you know the route, please wear an Eagles vest so that people know to be able to follow you (and email with your expected pace unless you have already advised on fb). If you don’t know the route, please wear something other than an Eagles vest as there may be non-Eagles around looking for someone to follow. Bag drop at the New Inn but at your own risk so please do not leave valuables.

The route of the self-led Sunday ten mile run seems to swap over to sections of the Ealing Half Marathon route as race day approaches. Please keep an eye on Facebook for arrangements.

Day time sessions on Mondays and Thursdays will focus on EHM and these sessions will be open to the general public

·        Mondays at 10am in September – Progressive hill training in Hanger Hill Park

·        Thursdays at 10am in September – long runs for people able or willing to run 8min/k (parkrun in 40mins) and / or able to read a map (see above)

** Preparation for Cross-country XC **

The benefits of XC are set out in this article.

The undulating terrain and hills means you are using more muscles than in any other type of running, in turn strengthening the legs. The uneven ground stabilises lower leg muscles and develops them into great ‘shock absorbers’, whilst the changes of pace help improve the cardiovascular capacity of runners. Furthermore, contrary to some suggestions which state cross-country running increases the chance of injury, if done properly it’s arguably less stressful on the leg joints as the impact from the earth tends to be much less than on other surfaces.

There are plenty of XC races in the Eagles calendar

In preparation for XC, the following events have been organised

·        Wed 19th Sept 8.30pm (after club run) XC and wine gathering meeting at Crispins (opposite Ealing Green) - everything you ever wanted to know about XC

•             Why every runner should run xc

•             What the benefits of xc running are.

•             What type of footwear you need, we will have spikes and trail shoes on display!

•             What different xc leagues we are in.

•             What pubs we will end up at after every MET league fixture.

•             Who brings the best cakes

·        Sat 22nd Sept 10am (90mins session) Preparation for XC with Mara meeting at the car park right next to Horsenden Farm, which is at the end of a short road off Horsenden Lane North, just north of the canal. Where you turn off Horsenden Lane North into the small road, there is a sign which says Horsenden Hill Visitor Centre. There are toilets and a children's playground near this car park, but no cafe.,-0.3259284,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4876125bd48aea59:0xa8b54520530975af!8m2!3d51.5433828!4d-0.3237397

** Improvers **

Improver sessions are for people who are able to run 5k and want to continue running, in particular for those wanting to increase their distance to 10k for Osterley 10k on Saturday 8 December

More details to follow – the first sessions will be as follows:

·        Weds 26 Sept 7.30pm join the club run and meet for a workshop afterwards to plan your training – details tbc

·        Mon 1 Oct 10am 3.5 mile / 5.8k run and meet for a workshop afterwards to plan your training – details tbc