Three Parkruns 20 miler

By popular demand, we will once again be arranging a club long run of up to 20 miles. 

There are a number of central London half marathons taking place in March so we have decided to stay local and as such we will be bringing you the THREE PARKRUNS 20! 

The route has been put together as as a Green Belt Relay style map which has been UPLOADED TO THE FILES SECTION in the MAIN CLUB PAGE and hopefully can be opened here:

We will be starting in Gunnersbury Park and taking in a route which visits Osterley Park and Northala Fields before returning to Gunnersbury Park. 

Things to note:
*We have chosen 24th March because it's 2 weeks out from the earliest of the most popular Spring marathons, 3 weeks from another set on 14th/15th and 5 weeks out from London so should be helpful for long runs or taper runs. 
*You DO NOT have to be planning to run a marathon to join in! 
*The full route is 20 miles but you can start and finish anywhere you like on the route if you want to meet us partway round. 
*The route map will include mile markers and notes for the closest Tube or bus stops to each mile marker to make this easier. 
*The run will be managed along the same lines as any Sunday club run; bring your own water and fuel, and it will be self led (although we'll ask for pace group leaders, this is not guaranteed!).
*We have shared a spreadsheet for people to declare their intentions of pace and distance for buddying up purposes.We'll set off at 9am, so it should be fairly easy to work out what time people running at your pace will get to the various mile markers. 

Lastly, remember each park has loos and a cafe, so there's plenty of opportunity to stop for a comfort break, or stop entirely and eat some cake with your mates if you're done. 

**If anyone wants to volunteer to lead a pace group, please PM me (Angela Duff) or add this to the spreadsheet!**