Juniors Volunteers Wanted!

A small but dedicated team led by Kelvin Walker, Jennifer Watt, James de Vivenot and Lisa Dumais have been running the first ever Junior Eagles sessions for the last couple of months.

It has been a huge success so far and they want that success to continue.

For that to happen they would love some more volunteers.

The 'Running Jumping Throwing' sessions run on Mondays in Elthorne Park at 7pm and an endurance running session is currently being trialled on Wednesdays in Lammas park from 6:30 (so you can still do club run!).

If you would like more information or to sign up regularly or ad-hoc please contact any of the Juniors leaders, or contact the Eagles Coaching Coordinator (Ben Cale) on Facebook or at coaching@ealingeagles.com.