Eagles EGM - Juniors & Eagles Starter Home

An EGM was held with the membership on Wednesday 3rd August. At the meeting is was agreed by the membership that the club should go ahead with developing an official Juniors section, and suitable amendments to the Club Constitution to allow for this were approved. The new Constitution will be uploaded to the website as soon as it has been formally amended. 

It was also agreed that the sub-committee looking into the possibility of a 'start home' for the club should continue to work towards the possibility of an Eagles base within Blondin Park.

This will be needed in order to take the Juniors forward by providing a safe space, and also to benefit the adult members of the club.  The plan currently being suggested would be in connection with the organisers of the Brentford Festival and would include a shipping container to be used as a club house and a 300m grass track, both housed within the fenced area within the park.  

As the work continues to establish whether this is a real possibility, the committee will look to keep the financial commitment and risk to the club to a minimum.