Membership Renewal Notice!


Membership renewals are now due and payment requests are being sent out over the next week. These are being done in alphabetical order so lucky you if your surname begins with A...

Please bear with us as this process is not automatic and takes some time to work through. If you have not received a request by 14th April then please contact Olivia by emailing but not before checking your junk folder.

If you joined after January 1st 2017 you will NOT need to pay again and will NOT receive a renewal email. If you do please contact the above email so we can rectify.

Please remember that the way the EA system works is that if you joined AT ANY TIME between April 2017 and December 2017, you will now have to re-pay your membership fee. Following this you will need to renew every April going forward, as detailed in the FAQ's section in the Eagles Nest.

Any queries or questions please contact Olivia and she will be happy to help.