Daytime Runs!


The majority of club training sessions are during the evenings.

The success of the daytime beginners’ programme led us to review the options available for club members during the day. 10k runs are regularly advertised in the Facebook group but it is quite a big jump from 5k to 10k. An Improvers’ programme was started in 2017 for people able to run 5k with a mix of longer runs and sessions introducing people to hills and speedwork. This has proved popular with people targeting their first 10k races (and led to the offer of Starter sessions for people in the evenings). Other fixed length coached programmes (speedwork and hills) have also been offered with some success, even attracting more experienced runners who happen to be around at the time.

An offer of weekly coached track sessions attracted a few people at the beginning of 2017 but did not seem to be an option of interest to many people and so was not taken further. However, people have again asked about this option.

Proposal for 2018

A proposal for 2018 is to set up a Thursday schedule along the lines of the Wednesday evening schedule with beginners (when offered) at 10am followed by a fixed route club run through the parks at around 11am and possibly a social afterwards. This schedule would give beginners’ volunteers more running on Thursdays. In addition, those people targeting their first 10k would have the option to put together a weekly training schedule with a Thursday daytime run, a session in the Improvers course and parkrun.

A route for a 5.5k has been devised (the “short daytime run" ) which follows the first part of the existing daytime 10k run starting from Ealing Green and goes around Walpole, Lammas and Blondin Parks. As the route is primarily within the parks, it will be straightforward to add sections to lengthen the distance until people are ready to run around 7k. A route for a run closer to 7k includes an extension into Boston Manor Park (the “long daytime run” ). From there, runners will be able to progress to running the existing 10k route.

As the runs will finish close to 12noon, it is envisaged that some runners will meet up for lunch afterwards and this may happen more than once a month. As with the evening club runs, faster and more experienced runners are welcome to come along and do a longer run (including the daytime 10k) while beginner graduates are doing a shorter run. In view of the numbers and the trial nature of this proposal, faster runners may want to check that either you know the route or that someone else will be coming along who knows the route.

Alternatively, you could simply take the approach of the Caucus race in Alice in Wonderland and simply run around the parks for a fixed time and then join us for a social:

“..they began running when they liked, and left off when they liked, so that it was not easy to know when the race was over. However, when they had been running half an hour or so, and were quite dry again, the Dodo suddenly called out `The race is over!’ and they all crowded round it, panting, and asking, `But who has won?’ This question the Dodo could not answer without a great deal of thought, and it sat for a long time…., while the rest waited in silence. At last the Dodo said, `EVERYBODY has won, …”

London Cross Country Championships - Saturday 18th November 2017

Entries are now open for the London cross country champs being held on Parliament Hill on Saturday 18th November.

There are entry criteria that apply so please read the detail below in full BEFORE sending your entry in!

Race Details

SENIOR WOMEN, 6K, starting at 1.15pm
SENIOR MEN, 10K, starting at 2.00pm

Race entry criteria - please read before entering

To enter you MUST:
A) Be currently registered with England Athletics
B) Be at least 17 years or over on 1st September 2017
C) Be a first claim member
D) Meet one of the following criteria:
Have been born in the Greater London area*
Have at least 1 year's bona fide residence in Greater London*
Have at least 1 year's continuous full-time employment in Greater London*
Have at least 1 year's full-time attendance at an educational establishment in Greater London*

Any runners that meet the full criteria can enter and the club will pay your entry fee for you, but you must enter in advance. NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY OR NUMBER SWAPPING!

To enter:
Please email with the following information:
• Your name
• Your England Athletics registration number
• Your date of birth
• Your Greater London qualification with date e.g. I have lived in Greater London since 2005.
Please email by MONDAY 30th OCTOBER at midnight. Any late entries will not be included.
Any questions, please email

*Greater London as defined for this race
The following boroughs are all defined as Greater London for this race:
The City of London, The London Boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Brent, Bromley, Camden, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmithand Fulham, Harrow, Haringey, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston Upon Thames, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Newham, Redbridge, Richmond Upon Thames, Southwark, Sutton, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Wandsworth and the City of Westminster.

Birthday Quiz 2017!

This year's Big Birthday Quiz will be on Saturday 21st October from 7pm, in the big back room at the New Inn. 

No need to buy a ticket before you turn up for this one, but there are a few little guidelines to bear in mind:

  • You can arrange who you're going to be on a team with ahead of the night but keep the teams to about 6 or 7 people please. 
  • Each team pays £2 per person to enter on the night. 
  • Quizmaster's ruling is final. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds...and no peeking at the table next to you! 
  • Raffle tickets are on sale in the kit shop and will also be available on the night. You can buy raffle tickets online even if you can't make the party, and all the proceeds go to charity so you should definitely buy tickets! 

As we'll be in our usual home from home for this event the food and drink situation will be basically like a bigger version of the monthly social - everyone gets what they want when they want it themselves according to hunger and thirst!  

As a side show to the quizzing action we are once again incorporating the annual Great Eagles Bake Off into the quiz night, so please dust off your rolling pins, get those aprons on and impress us. Prize for the winning entry...! 


CRY Heart Screening Session Sunday 5th November


The next free screenings for those aged 14-35 will take place at The Florence Road Health Centre, 26 Florence Road, Ealing, W5 3TX, on Sunday, November 5.

Because demand is usually extremely high, we are once again operating a password-protected priority booking system for one week only. After that, booking is open to all. If you would like to give the password to family, friends, your organisation or business, please feel free to do so but we would be grateful if you did not share it on social media. 

The instructions from CRY are:

Please go to

  1. At the top of the page is the header “PRIVATE SCREENINGS”, click on this link and you will see Florence Road Surgery listed for the 5thNovember 2017.
  2. Click on the name and you will be asked for a password, this is Ealing17 . Please ensure the first letter of the password is capitalised. Click on the “Places Available” link and choose a time slot. Please do not give out this password as this screening is currently PRIVATE.
  3. Fill in the required details and then click book.
  4. You will receive a pending email which means the appointment is booked (please check your junk email folder if you do not receive this in your inbox). Nearer the time of the screening you will be sent a confirmation email; this will include a medical questionnaire and consent form. Please download the documents, read carefully, complete the required information and take them with you on the day.

If you have questions re the event, please contact CRY, not us or the surgery. CRY's contact details are Contact Us -

How Can I Get Back Into Running?

An experienced runner who hasn’t been running for a while, perhaps because of injury, and now wanting to get back into running?

A graduate from the beginners’ programme who’s been busy over the summer and you’re not quite sure if you’ll be able to run the whole of the short club run, even at conversational pace, without taking a walking break?

Somewhere in the middle – life’s been busy and you don’t know what to do?

What can Ealing Eagles offer to help you?

First of all, if you need to go right back to basics, our beginners’ programme starting at the end of September is a run / walk programme which means that it may be compatible with your return from injury run / walk programme. The first session will be run 2mins, walk a minute and repeat for about 30mins; the amount of running is increased gradually over 6 to 8 weeks until beginners can run for the whole session, covering about 5.5k (the short club run) in about 45 to 50mins. All sessions encourage beginners to run at a pace at which they can talk as it will be their long run; this may be gentler than your normal pace so you can use the time to concentrate on your running form while chatting to the beginners. You may also find that you do not need to go through the whole beginners’ programme. If you want to take up this option, please email for more information.

If you are able to run about 5k but not sure what else to do, then why not try our Improver or Starter sessions (see separate article) starting end of September / beginning of October? Aimed at graduates from the beginners’ programme, the sessions are designed to introduce you to speedwork and also to increase the distance for which you can run. One advantage of being able to run further than 5k and to do speedwork is that it will help you to fit in a “shorter” session if you don’t have time to go for that 10k run you were intending to do. Consistency is an important feature of being able to keep running and to enjoy running.

If you’re a bit more experienced and/or a bit faster (we won’t put a pace range here in case it worries anyone), then you may simply need to identify some training buddies or a race to train for. Come along to a club social (first Wednesday of the month) at the New Inn and meet some of the other Eagles. Or, have a look at the list of club championship races and choose one to train for and to go along to – there’ll be other Eagles there. The local parkruns are another place where you are likely to see plenty of Eagles on a Saturday morning – favourites are Gunnersbury, Osterley and Northala or there may be a few Eagles doing a bit of parkrun tourism.

And what if you’re not at any of these levels? Perhaps you’ve done beginners and you don’t need to go right back to the beginning but 5k still feels like a long distance? If anyone, particularly beginners who graduated in June 2017, hasn’t been doing much running over the summer and is not confident about being able to do even the short club run at a conversational pace, please get in touch with Wei Hei at and we will see what extra sessions, if any, need to be organised.


The Next Step After 5k - Autumn Improvers!

Have you completed the club beginners’ programme or are otherwise able to run 5k?

Currently running at or willing to run at a pace of 8min/k (parkrun 5k in 40mins)?

Want to run faster and further?

Improvers will be restarting on Monday 2 October meeting at 10am. This course will aim to progress Eagles from running 5.5k to running Osterley 10k on Saturday 9 December (so get your entry in before it sells out and to provide an introduction to speed work. There is no requirement to attend all the sessions but you will make most progress if you do and you will also be expected to do “homework” outside the Monday sessions if you wish to take part in a training plan for 10k. The length of the sessions will necessarily depend on the distance being run that day but you should allow from about an hour to 1 ½ hours. The sessions will move around depending on the focus of the session but the first session will meet at the gazebo in Walpole Park by the café / play area with an informal workshop afterwards. (Daytime runners who can already run 10k are welcome to join us for any of the sessions; details of individual sessions will be advertised each week.)

For those who can’t make daytime sessions, there are plenty of training sessions going on in the evenings. All sessions are open to everyone in the club. The sessions that appear to be hardcore – intervals, track and hills – are, in practice, more beginner-friendly because everyone stays in the same place so there is no worry about getting lost. For those who still feel a bit daunted, Starter sessions will be offered on an ad hoc (and trial) basis to introduce you to the options available. A provisional programme is set out below – all meeting times at 7.30pm.

Wed 27 Sept Starter short club run (meeting at Ealing Green for anyone who isn’t feeling confident after the summer)

Wed 11 Oct Starter speedplay (meeting at Ealing Green and using the short club run with little bits of running at faster pace so that you learn to run at more than one pace)

Wed 18 Oct Starter hill strides (meeting at Ealing Green but then going to the area near the Town Hall and using either the bridge or the pedestrian ramps to do some short sharp hill strides after appropriate warm-up and drills to prepare to do hills)

Wed 25 Oct Starter long club run (meeting at Ealing Green and reassuring you that you can have a go at doing the long club run)

Thu 2 Nov Starter hills – meeting at Haven Green to go to West Walk

Tue 21 Nov Starter track – meeting at Osterley track

There will be an informal workshop after club run on Wednesday 27 September for those people who would like to work out how to put all these sessions together to make a training plan for Osterley 10k on Saturday 9 December (so get your entry in before it sells out

If you’ve already done a few short club runs or parkruns and are free on Wednesday evenings, then the combination of beginners and a club run can also help to extend your distance.

If anyone, particularly beginners who graduated in June 2017, hasn’t been doing much running over the summer and is not confident about being able to do even the short club run at a conversational pace, please get in touch with Wei Hei at and we will see what extra sessions, if any, need to be organised.

Beginner's Programme Autumn 2017 - Volunteers!

Are you interested in volunteering with beginners or even learning to lead runs or to coach for the club but don’t have any experience of what this might involve?

The Ealing Eagles Beginners Programme has proved very popular (invitations to the autumn 2017 programme have been sent out to over 148 people). The programme starts with run / walking with all the running at a comfortable pace at which people can talk and gradually builds up to the short club run. Beginners don’t need to have any special equipment to start or to have any particular level of fitness or to be able to run a certain distance to qualify – they just need to turn up on the day with enthusiasm and a commitment to follow the programme! Our experience is that most people will take six to eight weeks, going out twice a week, to progress from not running at all to running 5k.

Fixed length beginners’ courses will be starting at the end of September as follows:


There is no clubhouse so please arrive dressed ready to run. If you have any bags with you, you can leave them in Crispin's Wine bar on Wednesday evenings or in FarmW5 on Thursday mornings. Both of these businesses are located opposite Ealing Green.

In addition to the run / walking element of the programme present in all Eagles beginners’ programmes, some of the sessions in the next programme will include units focusing on running technique.

The sessions are led by our experienced coaches who are qualified UKA Leaders in Running Fitness. Some beginners’ leaders specialise in working with beginners; others started with beginners and have moved on to leading sessions for the club as whole; while others work with both groups. The qualified leaders are supported by a team of volunteers – some simply enjoy encouraging new people to start running while others are inspired to take on other volunteering opportunities. It is not essential for volunteers to be available for the whole programme though obviously volunteers who attend more sessions will find it easier to get to know the beginners. Eagles interested in volunteering with either beginners or the club as whole can gain experience with beginners in a variety of training roles including: run leading; leading warm-ups or cool-downs; or working with a small group of beginners.

If you are on facebook, there is a dedicated facebook group for beginners’ volunteers.

Please email if you would like more information.


Opportunity to Volunteer with A Mile in Her Shoes

A Mile In Her Shoes is a small charity that helps women affected by homelessness to find their feet through running fitness. It was founded four years ago by Ealing Eagle Nicola Miller and remains entirely volunteer led, with involvement over the years from several other Eagles including Celia Roberts, who is a trustee. 

The charity is currently expanding and adding several new running fitness groups from September 2017, thanks to funding from the Greater London Authority and support from England Athletics to celebrate the London 2017 World Athletics Championships and the IPC World Para Athletics Championships.

These groups will encourage women who may have been affected by issues related to homelessness to experience running as a way of exercising, socialising, boosting confidence and raising self-esteem.

The charity is really excited to be offering new opportunities for volunteers at locations in London, including one local to us in Acton. 

They are offering a couple of practical 'taster' experience days so volunteers can learn how we work and explore opportunities that would suit them. The next one is on Saturday 9th September at London South Bank University. 

All the run leaders need to be female, but there are ways for men to volunteer with the charity too. There is no requirement to have LiRF or other coaching qualifications and there is no minimum speed or ability needed - just time and a commitment to the charity's values to help women feel good about themselves. 

Interested? Please visit for more details.  If you’d like to join a taster experience, please complete the contact form on the website choosing ‘Volunteering with a Run Group’.

Upcoming Tuesday Track Sessions!

We’ve got a bumper track programme for July at Osterley, including the return of the amazing Mara. The next few weeks of sessions will be as follows:

Tuesday 4th July
5-7 x 1k intervals, 400m recovery jogs

Tuesday 11th July
Back by popular demand, Mara Yamamauchi, 2nd fastest British female Olympian over 26.2 miles is returning to coach all you lovely people. See separate event page:

Tuesday 18th July
1 x 1600m, 1 x 1200m, 1 x 800m, 2 x 400m, 2 x 200m. At 5k pace. 90 seconds recovery.
OR 1 x 1200m, 1 x 800m, 1 x 400m, 1 x 200m. At 5k pace. 90 seconds recovery.

Tuesday 25th July
Yasso 800s: 6-10 x 800m, 400m recovery jogs

In the run up to the Ealing Half Marathon, these sessions will have an emphasis on endurance. If done properly, these are hard sessions that will be tough to complete, but will really lead to improvement.

There will be variations for runners of different abilities so don’t afraid if you’re new to track, you won’t be left behind. The best bit about track is that you’re constantly seeing other Eagles so there is plenty of support. Everyone has their own goals but we encourage each other. Ideally you need a running watch, a simple stop watch will do. If you don’t have one we’ll try and buddy you up with someone of a similar pace.

Osterley track is located at 120 Wood Lane, Isleworth, TW7 5FF.

All sessions start at 7.30pm.

Please ensure you pay on your way in, Eagles get a reduced rate of £2.80, and there are lockers available for a refundable £1. You can also leave your bags at the trackside, but do so at your own risk.

Bring a bottle of water, especially if it’s a warm day.

10k - The Next Step After 5k

Have you completed the club beginners’ programme or are otherwise able to run 5.5k?

Want to run faster and further?

Come along to beginners’ graduation and find out more about increasing your distance, talk about training plans and discuss opportunities for training.

You will find us in the Rose & Crown on Wednesday 21 June from 7.30pm and in FarmW5 on Thursday 22 June from 11am.

In particular, with the current beginners’ programme finishing next week, another Improvers course will be starting. This time, there will be speedwork sessions at 10am on Mondays starting Monday 3 July and sessions to increase your distance / endurance at 10am on Thursdays starting Thursday 6 July. This course will aim to progress Eagles from running 5.5k to running a 10k race in the middle of August (Battersea Summer League) and to provide an introduction to speed work. There is no requirement to attend all the sessions but you will make most progress if you do and you will also be expected to do “homework” outside the sessions as part of a training plan for 10k. The length of the distance sessions will necessarily depend on the distance being run that day but you should allow from about an hour to 1 ½ hours.

The speedwork sessions will last no longer than an hour and, because we will stay in the same place for each session, will be suitable for all abilities.

For those beginner graduates not available during the day over the school holidays, there is likely to be an Improvers course in the autumn probably on Mondays at 10am starting in October and targeting the Osterley winter 10k in December.

2016 - 2017 Club Championships & Club Awards

At the Summer Party on Saturday night we finally found out who had taken home the silverware in the 2016 - 2017 Club Championships!

The ladies results are as follows:

Female Club Champion - Sarah Bailey
Senior Female Winner - Rebecca Jackson
Female V30 Winner - Melissah Gibson
Female V35 Winner - Maria Fitzgerald
Female V40 Winner - Yvonne Linney
Female V45 Winner - Jennifer Watt
Female V50 Winner - Elizabeth Adams

And the men's results were:

Male Club Champion - Tom Easten
Senior Male Winner - John Foxall
Male V30 Winner - Jose Manuel Pabon
Male V35 Winner - Tom Corbett
Male V40 Winner - Harry Claxton
Male V45 Winner - Ralph Dadswell
Male V50 Winner - Rob Willin

We were also delighted to hand out more trophies for the different club awards categories, which this year were:

Club Personality -Frank Doyle
Clubman - Jennifer Watt
Most Improved Runner - Yvette Burton
Most Improved Beginner – Darren Loftus

Well done to all the winners and to everyone who has raced, volunteered, taken part and run for the club over the last year for helping to make it a fantastically successful season. 

Eagles Clubhouse Update

At the 2016 AGM, it was agreed that a sub committee would investigate various sites where the Eagles could establish a base.

This sub-committee has been working hard over the past year and at the 2017 AGM, Nigel Panton and Kelvin Walker gave an update on the progress.

Kelvin has also put together this summary on the progress.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Facebook Events & Mr. Eagle Profile

Hello everyone - quite an important public service announcement....Facebook has suspended Mr. Eagle's account because they suspect he is not real. This means that we're not able to post as Mr. Eagle, and also that some of you might notice that events have disappeared from what you can see.

This is very much a live situation for the committee, we're just working out how much this has affected things and also how to fix it so we really need you to bear with us please.

If you have had an event SET UP by Mr. Eagle and you now can't see it please email us at and we will try to work out a way to make it live again or transfer the host from Mr. Eagle to someone else.

Please DO NOT email us just to say you can't see an event you are attending because that will get extremely confusing.

#justiceformreagle #realmreagle #ifsantaisrealsoismreagle

Volunteering - We Need You!

Ealing Eagles Running Club is entirely run by volunteers.

We say this all the time, so most of you are probably well aware of this. But did you know how many volunteers it takes to keep the club going?

Well, there are currently 8 committee members for a start. Then two club runs every week, which each have a leader and two tail runners. That's 14. We then have coached sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday, so that's two more. Plus Beginners twice, sometimes three times a week and the Improver's sessions, which are commonly two additional coached sessions a week. That takes us up to 21. We also have 4 club members who manage the Junior section. Plus the person who collates all the club champs information. Plus Mr. Kit, the fabulous Piers Express.

That's a bare minimum of 26 volunteers needed each week to keep this club of around 800 members going. That's over 1,250 opportunities to volunteer every year, most of which are filled by the same small group of amazing regular volunteers. 

And that doesn't even count the additional volunteers we need for the Juniors and Beginner's sessions. It doesn't include the 10k committee, or the team who arrange the Gunnersbury summer league. It doesn't include captains for events like the Welsh Castles or the Green Belt, Summer League and Cross Country. It doesn't include marshals, pacers, timekeepers. It doesn't include the people who bring the tea urn and cakes to events. And it doesn't include all the club coaches who work behind the scenes putting together training plans and meeting with their coachees in their spare time. 

We ask all club members to volunteer for something twice each year. This isn;t a nice to have, it's vital for the club to run effectively.

There are loads of things you can do - at the moment these include:

  • Run leader for club run - check out the schedule under the training section on the Eagles Nest and add your name! You just need to turn up on time, welcome new people, make the weekly announcements, and lead some stretches at the end (or ask a pal to do that). The full information is under 'volunteer roles' on the Eagles Nest. Please note if you would like to be a run leader, send us a quick email to so we can add you to the email list and the Google sheet we use for new member information and announcements.
  • Tail running - even easier - you just need to add your name to the same schedule as above, turn up on time, and run at the pace of the slowest runner for the short or long club run. You get a nice chat and an enormous sense of well-being from helping people along. 
  • Volunteer with the beginners - Wei Hei runs the beginner's like a well oiled machine, but she can't do it on her own! Volunteers are always needed so that different groups can run at the same session. If you're not sure what it's all about email us or offer to run with the beginners at parkrun first to get an idea of how it works. Again you get that chat and the pleasure of helping someone on their way.   
  • Gunnersbury Summer League - you can volunteer to help organise this event, or volunteer on the day as a marshal or a water station attendant. We also need Summer League captains for both the men's and ladies teams this year. 
  • Coaching - the club offers support for members who would like to support the club by achieving the recognised LiRF and CiRF qualifications. Volunteers are also always welcome to assist the coaches at specific sessions. Contact if you would like to help or are interested in gaining a coaching qualification. 
  • Juniors - the juniors section meets on Monday evenings and still needs volunteers. Is Monday your rest day? There you go then! 

To volunteer for any of the above roles, register your interest by emailing us at Other opportunities for specific events come up all the time, so keep an eye out on the newsletter and Facebook. 

2017 - 2018 XC Fixtures

I know we're all loving these longer days and pushing all thoughts of winter to one side, but in preparation for the next Cross Country season here all the provisional dates for all the fixtures so get them in your diaries now so there are no excuses when the XC Captains come calling...

Met League:
14 October – Claybury
11 November – Stevenage
2 December – Hillingdon
13 January – Wormwood Scrubs
10 February – Trent Park

Sunday League:
29 October – Cheshunt
12 November – Trent Park
17 December – Willian (early start at 10.00am)
14 January – Cassiobury Park, Watford (we also need to provide marshals for this event)
18 February – Royston

SEAA XC Fixtures:
21st October 2017 - Cross Country Relays at Wormwood Scrubs        
18th November 2017 - London Cross Country Champs at Parliament Hill  
9th December 2017 - Cross Country Masters & Inter Counties Championship at Horspath Track, Oxford
27th January 2018 - Cross Country Main Champs, Venue TBC
Other XC Fixtures:
Middlesex Champs – first weekend in Jan
Nationals – last weekend in Feb

Post Marathon Blues...?

For those of you that have been training hard through the long, cold winter, in preparation for your spring marathon, now it's all done (or nearly done for those that have yet to run your marathon!) you may be thinking what do I do next??  Don't despair as there are plenty of racing opportunities coming up over the summer to get you out of your post marathon blues!

Whilst it may be nice to have a bit of a break after all those miles and it's very important that you have some recovery time, if you're on good form it would be a shame to waste it wouldn't it?!  So why don't you put your feet up for a bit and read all about the Club Championship races?!  The new Club Champs year starts at the beginning of May and there are plenty of races to sign up for, across a variety of distances!  This can all be done from the comfort of your sofa (except the actual running part!)!

Check out this link for all things Club Champs related and look out for the event pages on Facebook!

We also compete in a Summer League with a number of other London based clubs and these 5 miles / 10km races will be on throughout the summer.  If you don't fancy running then we are hosting the first fixture of the League at Gunnersbury Park so why not come along and help out?!

Below are some of the races coming up over the next few months:


14th May 5 miles -

28th May 1 mile -


4th June Summer League at Gunnersbury Park (hosted by the Eagles)

18th June Summer League at Harrow

25th June 5km -


2nd July Summer League at Dulwich

16th July Summer League at Regent's Park (Club Champs event)

28th July 7km - Wedding Day 7km


13th August Half Marathon -

20th August Summer League at Battersea Park (Club Champs event)


3rd September 10 miles -

Looking forward to a good turnout at these events!

Eagles & ESM Track Night Wednesday 28th June

Entries are now open for the Eagles / ESM track night on Wednesday 28th June via this link.

This is just for the senior events, junior entries will be taken on the night.

The timetable will be as follows:

Junior Events
5pm - Long Jump (Under 11)
5:45pm - 600m (Under 11)
6:15pm - 75m (Under 11)

Senior Track
6:45pm - 100m - r1
7:15pm - Mile
7:50pm - 100m - r2
8:10pm - 5000m

Senior Field
7:00pm - Hammer
7:00pm - Long Jump
8:00pm - Shot


Welsh Castles Relay Teams Announced!

The wait is finally over for those speedsters who were looking to get onto the teams for this year's prestigious Welsh Castles Relay! 

The Welsh Castles Relay is an annual 2 day event held in June, organised by Les Croupiers Running Club. Running the length of Wales, the route covers over 200 miles and 20 stages starting at Caernarfon Castle on Saturday morning and finishing on Sunday afternoon in Cardiff. The route passes within 2 miles of 22 castles, 16 forts (dating from Roman times onwards), 2 motte & baileys and 5 mottes. A prestigious race, 65 teams compete in the relay and have to get through a rigorous selections process.

Last year the ladies team took 2nd place in their category and were labelled as a team to watch. They will be looking to keep that momentum going this year! The ladies team will be made up of:
Melissah Gibson
Sarah Bailey
Rebecca Jackson
Francesca Cooper
Ellen Easten
Harriet Betteridge
Yvonne Linney
Jennifer Watt
Jenny Bushell
Claire Morris
Kira Norrington
Kelly Scanlon
Michelle Tanner
Emily Schmidt
Lucy Rigg
Michelle Verbossche
Olivia Parker-Scott
Sophie Foxall
Malgorzata Kucharska
Sarah Mack

On paper this year's men's team is the fastest Eagles team to go to the Welsh Castles Relay. 9 men will be making their WCR debuts. Let's see if they can get that pesky 4 minutes off and finish in the top 10 this year! 

Tom Easten
Dave Chryssides
Tom Rowles
Colin Overton
John Foxall
Ewan Fryatt
Matt Kaufman
Jose Manuel Pabon
Kieran Morrisroe
Andrew Guy
Kieran Santry
Bernard Sexton
Harry Claxton
Stephen Ralston
Rob Willin
Raf Machnik
Mike Lawrence
Chris Lambert
Phill Turner
Cam Easton

Stages will be allocated shortly. 

Volunteers for Gunnersbury Summer League

The Eagles are hosting the first Summer League fixture for 2017 and we need your help to make it a success!

If you are able to volunteer on the day we will need marshals and people to man a drinks station, as well as assistance with setting up at the beginning, packing up at the end, helping with the tenderfoot race and the relays.  Also we need to provide all the runners with food so if people can bake or bring food too that would be great!

If you are able to help out on the day and/or bring some food please put your name on the spreadsheet so we can keep track of everyone!

Sign up spreadsheet

If you have any questions please contact

Volunteers Needed for Summer League

Summer League is just around the corner and in order to help things run smoothly we need some volunteers please!

We need two captains - one for the women and one for the men.  The captains will be responsible for the following:

  • help to promote each fixture to ensure we get a good turnout of Eagles at each one
  • provide some guidance to runners on tube times, meeting points etc so people can travel together and not get lost!
  • find someone who can take down the results at each fixture (can be a fast runner or someone on cheer squad duty)
  • help to organise the relay teams on the day for each fixture
  • find someone who can help with organising the children for the tenderfoot races at each fixture

Captains are still able to run - they generally just need to help with a bit of organising before each fixture!

If you're interested or have any questions then please email

Summer League fixtures are:

  • 4th June - Gunnersbury (Eagles hosting)
  • 18th June - Harrow
  • 2nd July - Dulwich
  • 16th July - Regent's Park
  • 20th August - Battersea Park