Club Championships


The aim of Club Championships is to encourage competition between club members at all levels, and to support local running clubs / local events where possible.  Events are chosen to provide variety and are suitable for members of all levels within the club. This year we have included some non-standard distances as well as a mix of road and trail.  We try to choose races that are accessible by public transport, although where this is not possible we do encourage car sharing.


The Ealing Eagles Club Championships year runs from May 2019 to the end of April 2020, with prizes being awarded at the main summer social in June 2020

Eagles must compete in FIVE or more distances in order to qualify for the Club Championships. Your best five races across different distances count towards their final score.

For your marathon to be included as one of your races, you must have already qualified by running five other Club Championship distances.  Scores for the marathon will be added in at the end of April.

For all events points are awarded based on final finish position (i.e. gun times) against other competing Eagles with men and women having separate scoring – first male and first female will get 1 point; 2nd gets 2 points; etc.  We use final finish position so you can see who you are racing and who is in front of you.

You have to finish the race and be listed in the race results as an Eagle in order for the result to count. It is your responsibility to ensure you are registered as an Eagle for the event (even if this is after the event).

We ask that you run in an Eagles vest so everyone knows who they are racing as this is a competition amongst fellow Eagles!  It is also a great advert for the club! The exception to this is Eagles organised events and the marathon.

[NB you may be removed from the Club Championships results if you are identified as not having worn a vest]

All members are encouraged to compete, however the championship prizes can only be won by first-claim-eagles who are paid up members at the end of the Club Championship year, i.e. 30th April 2020.  If you are second claim you are welcome to compete and score in events but you will not be eligible for any prizes, and please note for XC you may not be able to compete for the Eagles if your first claim club is in the same league.

Additional events may be added at the discretion of the committee, for example if a race is cancelled.


The overall winner will be determined by the Eagle with the lowest overall score and they will be presented with the trophy for Club Best Male/ Best Female. 

In addition to the overall Male/Female winners there will also be prizes for 1st place in the following age categories (based on the lowest overall scores):

M0: 18 – 29 F0: 18 – 29

M1: 30 – 34 F1: 30 – 34

M2: 35 – 39 F2: 35 – 39

M3: 40 – 44 F3: 40 – 44

M4: 45 – 49 F4: 45 – 49

M5 50 – 54 F5  50 – 54  

M5: 55 + F5: 55 +

The age category you are registered against will be your age on 1st May 2019. If a person turns 18 during the year they can compete in Club Championships events from this point onwards.  The overall winners of the championships will be excluded from the age category prizes. In the event that no one from a given age category completes enough races to qualify, no prizes will be awarded in this category.  Age categories are reviewed at the beginning of each year.

In the event of a draw for the overall winner or for an age category winner, additional criteria will be added to separate the runners – these will be agreed by the committee. These are likely to be, but not limited to:

Best of 6 races (then 7, 8, etc)

Head to head results in any of the club championship races

If there is still a draw after additional criteria have been reviewed, then a tie will be declared.


All awards are at the discretion of the committee.


Qualifying Races

1 mile:

EHM Legacy - 12th and 19th July

Race Costs: £5.00 in advance or £7.00 on the day. £2 discount for UKA affiliated.


First Wednesday of the month – time trial in Gunnersbury Park, using the current parkrun route

Date: Wednesday 5th June 2019 @ 19:30

Date: Wednesday 4th September 2019 @19:30

Race Costs: Free


Wedding Day 7kms

Date: Friday 26th July 2019 @ 19:30

Race Costs: £15

5 miles:

Dulwich Summer League 2nd June 2019

Race Cost: free

Perivale 5

Date: Sunday 1st December 2019

Race Costs: £14 ?


Regents Park Summer League

Date: Sunday 21st July 2019

Race Costs: free

Battersea Park Summer League

Date: Sunday 11th August 2019

Race Costs: free

Harrow Hill 10km

Date: TBC February 2020

Race Cost: TBC


Any Met League race

Race Costs: Free

10 miles:

Cabbage Patch 10

Date: 13th October 2019

Race Costs: £26.50

Thames Towpath 10

Date: April 2019 TBC

Race Costs: TBC

Half Marathon:

New Forest Half Marathon

Date: Sunday 8th September 2019

Race Costs: £37

Another TBC


Any marathon between 1st May 2019 and 30th April 2020

Points for marathons will be allocated in chip time order – only your best marathon time will count.

Note times will only be included for Eagles who have completed 5 other distances and have already qualified

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