Current Schedule

Below is our current schedule for training sessions, although this is subject to change. Please check the Latest News for the latest information.

Club Training Sessions over the Summer 2018

There will be opportunities over the summer to do different types of training. Ealing Half Marathon at the end of September will be the focus of summer training with recce runs, hill training and intervals. We also hope to have options to recce parts of the Ealing Eagles 10k trail race before mid-August. For those of you who want to go faster, the regular Thursday interval training will be supplemented by sessions targeting one mile races. And of course, the regular Monday and Wednesday club runs will be available too.

PLEASE NOTE Some of the sessions will be meeting in the same place each week but the meeting points for the Tuesday 7.30pm sessions and the EHM recce runs (Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings) in particular will be moving around from week to week to accommodate the range of training. Please keep an eye on the list of sessions for the week (link also sent to you with email newsletter).

** Interval Sessions on Thursdays 7:30pm Lammas Park **

Varied paced interval sessions ranging from 1 mile to tempo (half marathon) pace

Steady pace or easy training runs are done at an aerobic pace, i.e. not too out of breath. This builds up the heart, lungs and legs but will not adapt the body fully to run at a faster race pace. Interval training trains up the different energy systems used in racing at different distances. These energy systems range from anaerobic running at mile pace or faster to ½ marathon training run at around threshold pace using the Frank Horwill 5 pace system system (used by Seb Coe etc).

To race at any distance you need to do intervals at race pace and faster and slower than race pace sessions. Also most club runners do a variety of distances and need sessions to train for these. With sessions done by time, any ability of runner is catered for from beginner to park runner to seasoned runners chasing faster times. The best part is everyone gets to rest at the same time

Watercooler fact:  an interval is actually the recovery part of the session not the fast bit!

** One mile training **

As mentioned above, to be able to run faster, we need to practise running faster!!! Sessions are therefore being offered specifically to help people wanting to prepare for mile races and also suitable for people who don’t want to run mile races but want to find an extra gear in their running.

There will be track sessions on Tuesdays 19 June, 3 and 17 July at 7.30pm at Osterley track.

In addition, there will be sessions on Wednesdays 4, 11 and 18 July at 6.30pm in Lammas Park targeting beginner graduates and those who are available at this time.

** Tuesday options **

In addition to the track sessions mentioned, there will be sessions in either Hanger Hill Park or the bunny park in Hanwell on Tuesdays at 7.30pm in June and July.

  • 26 June, 24 July – sections of Ealing Eagles 10k trail route

  • 10 July – Hanger Hills

Tuesdays at 7.30pm in August and September will focus on hills either at Hanger Hill Park or on the route for Ealing Half Marathon. The exact details of each session will depend on the leader for the session.

Mara will lead the EHM hills session on Tuesday 11 September at 7.30pm. To give us some idea of numbers, please email if you wish to attend this Mara session.

** Daytime sessions **

The following sessions are in the calendar

  • Wednesday 20 June, 10am at Drayton Green track – Faster 5k

  • Mondays 25 June and 2 July, 10am at Hanger Hill Park - Hills

  • Thursday 5 July, 10am – recce of Ealing Eagles 10k trail race

The led sessions on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 July to September are progressive sessions – the initial sessions will be suitable for anyone who can run 5k in 40mins – with the target of training for Ealing Half Marathon.

In addition, it is likely that the self-led runs on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am (10k) and Thursdays at 11am will continue over the summer. Please check the relevant Facebook group for arrangements.

** Sunday 10 miles **

The route of the self-led Sunday ten mile run is normally along the river but does seem to swap over to sections of the Ealing Half Marathon route as race day approaches. Please keep an eye on Facebook for arrangements.

** Ealing Half Marathon **

We will be offering recce runs for the general public on the following dates:

To prepare for the midweek recces (and for anyone who can’t make the public recce runs), we will be encouraging people to do self-led runs in pace groups on the EHM route on Wednesdays during the 12 weeks of EHM training.

The route of the self-led Sunday ten mile run seems to swap over to sections of the Ealing Half Marathon route as race day approaches. Please keep an eye on Facebook for arrangements.

Day time sessions over the 12 weeks of EHM training will focus on EHM and these sessions will be open to the general public

  • Mondays at 10am – Progressive hill training in Hanger Hill Park (starting 9 July, excluding BH 27 August)

  • Thursdays (9am or 10am depending on length of run and / or school holidays, excluding 30 August) – Progression of long runs for people able or willing to run 8min/k (parkrun in 40mins) and / or able to read a map

** Workshops **

  • Thursday 28 June at 11.30am in the New Inn - Following graduation of the daytime beginners group, an opportunity for daytime runners to think about how to put together a training plan over the summer when it might be less straightforward to get to organised training sessions. Appropriate, but not exclusively, for any daytime runners intending to train for Ealing Half Marathon. Please email if you wish to attend so that we can have some idea of numbers and also so that you can order brunch if you wish to eat.

  • Thursday 5 July
    • EHM Workshops at the New Inn with Mara including introduction to EHM, training for hilly half marathons in general and opportunities to break into pace groups
    • 7.30pm – including groups for first-timers and 2:20, Mara will be with the sub 1:50 and faster group, other pace groups may be available
    • 8.30pm – including group for first-timers if required, Mara will be with the sub 2 hours group, other pace groups may be available 


** Monday and Wednesday 7.30pm club runs **

The first Wednesday of the month is expected (works in Gunnersbury Park permitting) to be a parkrun handicap in July and September and the club champs 5k in August.

Other Mondays and Wednesdays over the summer, we hope to continue to offer the standard summer club runs with a choice of two distances. HOWEVER, please note that the offer of these sessions requires the availability of volunteers to be leaders and tail runners. The coached sessions require input from qualified coaches / leaders or experienced runners but anyone who is willing to help out and run at a gentle pace can tail a run (and make use of the time to have a recovery run, to work on your running form and to get to know other people in the club). If you have made use of the club training sessions, please play your part in making the club training sessions possible.

** Mara Coach to Coach **

You will all appreciate that the club can only offer such a wide range of training sessions with contributions from volunteer coaches and run leaders. The UKA courses are the basic qualification and useful up to a point, but we can all continue to learn from more experienced coaches.

On Tuesday 31 July at 7.30pm (Eagles should be having a rest day before club champs 5k on Wednesday 1 August), Mara will offer a session to coaches, coaching assistants (from juniors) and run leaders based on what we would like to learn.

If you are a qualified coach, coaching assistant or run leader willing to lead or support sessions for the club and would like to attend, please email with the following information:

  • Your qualification

  • Questions you would like to ask Mara

  • An indication of the sort of sessions you would like to be able to offer the club